How to care for a cordless drill driver battery

WONKEE DONKEE  has the following tips to help you care for your rechargeable batteries:

A hot battery is not a happy one!

When not in use, keep the AEG drill battery in a place that’s dry and cool. Don’t leave it in direct sunlight or near a radiator as it could explode!

Store your battery in a cool dry place that is free from dust and make sure that the contacts do not touch anything metal or the battery could overheat and cause a fire.

Most come with a protective cover for the battery contacts.

Don’t run the battery all the way down.

Some people, when they know the Black & Decker drill batteries is almost empty, will hold the speed control trigger in until the battery is completely drained and the tool stops running. This is known as deep drainage and can actually damage the battery and shorten its overall life.

All batteries need a little bit of life left in them to re-energise when you recharge them. Recharge the battery when the tool starts to slow down.

How to charge a detachable battery

In order to charge the battery, you need a charger. Most chargers have a slot designed to hold the detachable battery while it charges.

Some cordless drill drivers come with a charger included. However, if you have to purchase one, make sure you choose the correct charger for your battery.

It’s very important that you purchase a charger which is designed to charge your particular brand and voltage of drill battery for Craftsman.

This information should be printed on the charger and the drill driver’s battery.

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