How to Use a Cordless Tool Safely?

A cordless drill is, no doubt, a handy tool that helps you with getting things done like a pro. But how do you use a cordless drill safely?

Drilling holes on various kinds of surfaces like wood, metal, concrete, brick etc. are common requirements in any household.

Rather than calling in a professional to get this done and paying a hefty fee for the same, you can do it yourself.

The benefits of doing those jobs yourself:
1.You can get them done at your comfortable and required time. If you want to get it done now, today, you don’t have to wait for the professional’s timing. If you want to get it done sometimes next week, you don’t have to worry about whether your technician will be available at that time or not.

2.You save money. Yup those technicians who help you with house projects are not cheap. I don’t expect them to be cheap since their kind of work deserves a fair fee. But what if you can do it yourself and save you that money?

3.You learn a few skills. That is impressive. Rather than relying on someone for something, if you learn a skill you need not wait or depend on anyone to get a job done. Besides, you can also flaunt on your new skill!

But so much we can talk about how easy it is to have a handy tool like a cordless drill batteries and dive into DIY home projects, we should not also forget about the safety aspects.

Handling a cordless drill is not the easiest thing in the world – if you don’t know what you are doing you could end up hurting yourself or someone standing close by and also damage the surface (of whatever you were working on).

Which is why safety comes first.

And in this blog post let’s take a look at some of the safety aspects that you should consider while using a Cordless drill.

Wear safety gloves while you use a Ryobi cordless drill battery

You may wonder why! Depending upon the material you are working on, a pair of safety gloves will definitely help you with injuries that can happen due to various factors.

Think about the scrap that falls off when you work with metal and concrete.

Also the drill can get heated up due to intensive usage or prolonged usage.

In any case, operating a cordless drill without a safety glove is definitely not a good idea.

Safety goggles

While you are making holes or drilling down a screw, fine particles and/or tiny materials from the surface can hit your eyes.

If you are working with a metal surface, tiny sparks can also be emitted.

In order to protect your eyes from such particles and sparks, you must make sure you wear safety goggles when you work with a cordless drill.

Anyone who is standing near you while you work must also be wearing one.

Choose the right drill bit

An incorrect or inappropriate drill bit will lead to a bad job.

You must make sure you choose the right drill bit for that job.

Depending upon the surface you are going to work on and depending upon the kind of work (drilling a hole, fitting a screw etc.) you must choose the right drill bit that will just do the job fine.

Inappropriate choice of drill bit will not only ruin the job but can also lead to injuries.

Operate on appropriate speed and torque

All cordless drills have speed and torque settings.

Even if you don’t know anything about those numbers you should do some trial work without any surface to see what effects those settings bring in.

If you try to blindly operate the drill on a surface with a random setting you could do damage to yourself and to the Milwaukee power tool battery.

Most probably, your cordless drill came with a manual – and that should tell you about the speed and torque settings that you need you use for various surfaces.

Read the manual and use appropriate settings before you start working. Or you could even ask a professional about this.

Attend to the clog or binding

Clogging of drill bit is quite common, especially while working with wooden surfaces.

The saw dust can clog the drill pretty much easily.

And if you are working on metallic surface, the drill bit can bind when drilled into metal.

When you feel any of the above happening, just pause with whatever you are doing and check the drill bit for clogs or binding.

Carefully and gently clear that before you proceed with your drilling work.

Continuing to work with your drill with a clog or binding will cause damage to the drill.

Check on the chuck BEFORE you operate

Usually cordless drills have two types of chucks – keyed and keyless chucks.

You need a key to tighten a keyed chuck whereas a keyless chuck can be tightened using hand.

The chuck is the one that holds the drill in place. And if the chuck is not properly tightened it can be very dangerous to you as well as anyone else in the vicinity.

It is good to often check if the chuck is in place and properly tightened. And it is a MUST that you check the same before you start your work.

If the chuck is loose, it may fly off mid way causing enormous danger.

Overall clothing

When you need to do work with your cordless drill battery for Metabo you need to be careful with what you wear.

Depending upon the nature of surface you are working on, you might end up collecting a lot of dust on your clothing.

So stay away from wearing fine, branded and costly clothing.

You just need to be on a casual, comfortable wear and preferably wear a protective jacket.

Apart from wearing goggles and gloves, it is good to wear a firm, protective footwear too.

Stay away from wearing expensive jewellery – long chains are a sure NO as they might get stuck causing danger.

Safety comes first!

Yes – safety comes first with anything in life.

While a cordless drill can make your life a lot easier, it can be a dangerous tool if you don’t follow the appropriate precautions.

Hope this blog post gave you some important tips to use a cordless drill safely.

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