Choosing Between Corded And Cordless Power Tools

If you have a need or requirement for a power tool in your workshop you are going to have to decide whether to buy a corded power tool or a cordless that runs off batteries.

A corded tool obviously needs to be plugged into a power outlet to function and you are limited by the length of the power lead.

In contrast, a Ryobi cordless drill battery works on portable rechargeable batteries. Because cordless power tools are portable and hence can be easily used anywhere, the possibilities of the jobs you can attend increases a lot. Also, the battery packs are light and easy to handle. Having a cordless power tool now has less disadvantages than the traditional corded tools.

So, if you are now consider buying one, look for a tool that has some or all of the following features:

-Preferably 18v (this range has the largest variety of add on tools)

-A well known brand (like Makita, Dewalt, Hitachi or Bosch)

-12 month or more manufacturer warranty

-In drills, always get a multi speed all steel motor/gearbox

-Buy a kit with at least two batteries and a charger

-A hard case to protect your tools in transit between jobs

What Else Should Your Kit Have?

Try and get a kit with starter accessories (grinding blades, drills and sanding disks). This makes that first job easier with everything on hand to get started

These days a lot of work sites are not allowing corded tools so all portable power equipment has to be a battery operated cordless motor tool.

The most common range which is somewhere in the range of 18 v (Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, Panasonic, Hitachi all have 18v ) should be enough to handle construction site and workshop jobs. Also look for a tool that has a reverse direction feature. This will help you in removing a drill bit from say concrete when the SDS drill can sometimes jam. It can also be used to loosen screws and bolts when in reverse.

If you wish to use larger drill bits with your Panasonic power tool battery, you should choose a tool that has at least a half inch (13mm) adjustable chuck as that will allow you to use drill bits of any size (most larger drills have reduced shanks to compensate the ½ chuck).

A good power tool kit would come with two batteries so that one can be in the charger while the second battery is being used in the tool.

Lastly, you should always choose the tool that feels right for you whether it is corded or battery powered. Hold it in one hand and see if it comfortable when holding it. If it’s unbalanced and difficult to handle, you will not be able to use it well on the job for extensive periods. See if its handle feels comfortable and easy to grip. The trigger should also be easy to squeeze. Also look for a strap in a cordless power tool, which you can wrap around your wrist while climbing ladders and holding timber and attachments.

With all the benefits of corded and cordless tools make sure its a tool that can make you money on the job and will be reliable r the life of the cordless drill batteries for Hitachi.

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