Free Cash Cow;items for Sale in Ca Now to order service or request more information TODAY!These are the items that I would like to sell, please sort and place in the areas for the sale to happen. We will be pleased to use your product to sell our wares that we would like to share with any one willing to pay the fees for the exchange of goods. Thanks again, for making this service available.

1. Dancing Elmo with guitar playing music and singing for sale $35 today, available at the pool in Mountain Gate,Palm Springs,Ca now. Call to get the last dancing Elmo now. 7608512267.

2. Neon Signs for sale OPEN that flash, or set for light, your choice for just $29

TACOS neon for $29

HAIR CUTS-neon sign for with phone number $49

3.Cellphone for sale- Service from Lightyear, for infomation. In a nutshell, the service is $60 per month,prepaid without a contract.Subcontractors that promote sprint and verizon products at a discount with the process of porting your current cellphone number. If you tell 5 friends, and they also port their cellphone numbers with service with this company, this will end your cellphone bills in the future. Just think, just five people needed for free service for life. Trade your cellphone bill for extra income for life (as long as the bills are paid,so that you and everyone you tell that ports there numbers as well. This could be a no brainer. 7608512267 for the sign up process TODAY!!!!

For starter,would like to have these items posted on your site, and thanks again for making this possible.

LLissa and Steven 7608512267

Just click this link to “SEE JUST HOW THEY ARE LIVIN”:

This is the fundraiser president from the company that is going to share the wealth of cell phone billions. We need another five more people to sign up with LLissa and Steven. They are disable veterans and need the extra income, please take the time to look and see what we are talking about first. This will help them help the other displaced veterans that are in transition and have a need for assistance to locate their path. We welcome any and all donations. Please send debit cards with the receipts so that we can provide the goods and services that are needed to get to the next step in their journey. There has never been a better time than NOW to join Lightyear Wireless as a customer! Click on this link to watch a short video that highlights who we are and how customers benefit by switching to Lightyear Wireless TODAY! Our mission is to help people SAVE money by switching to Lightyear Wireless.

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