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Cows, Cattle, Cattle-Callers, Elephants And Walks, Joys And Pains.

Blue stars, Stars Of David, love the color, love the blue, 5 ways to see the light, points to count. Not Nice, one thing you could say, mean and nasty is over board, tips of views of the cows, cattle, … Continue reading

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Snakes And Frogs, Hats And Horns, Sheri And Rachel Jarrot.

Fairy Tales, Kings and Queens, Castles In The Sky, Tips and tales to share, happy dazes again, glory days done. Jokes and laughs, sharks on land, land whales to dodge, fish in the see, happy to share, what moves me. … Continue reading

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Horses To Races, Rats To Runs, Normal Madness

In the name and the nature of friends to be until the end, sex does not have a place in true love, but the meeting of the minds have a place first, before the acts of love or deeds done … Continue reading

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