Babes Sexy Classy….. Dances with tigers. Acts To Follow.

Younger Whale, Dances With Drama, Dances With Snakes. Class Whales:Hard knocks for lessons in love and devotion, life for love, love and hate horns of a goat. Tales to share, lessons in classes on the beach. Grass growing in the fields in Italy. Greetings to Tall Trees, the tree hugger from New York City, great life back in time. Happy and blue flipping coins. Thanks for kids, tips on trips to hell, kindness and mercy shared. Lights on part of the time is dandy and fine.

Twisted Sister — We’re Not Gonna Take it [Extended Version] OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO…Love the song, ways to grow, ways to expand, songs to sing, good times in the wind. Good times, happy dazes again, glory dazes done, songs to play, on the radio, time and ties done, balls in the air.

What a great day it is, live and learn, lessons every day, stories of animals, tips and tales. Cool cats, lions and tigers together, way to go, views of crosses of big cats, not sure how many were made. Dances in the woods, dances in the dark, dances for luck, good times, how to grow a tail of a tiger. Eyes of lions, eyes of tigers, which one to make the luck in the woods.

Babes Sexy Classy….. Dances with tigers, dances with lions, chicks and babes, dream life for more. Hands, for the good times, lots of joys and pains, lots of lessons to learn, hope for more. Standing: Frozen In Time, Marking History, Earth Angels: Pages Of Lessons To Learn.Can you believe none of these were photoshopped? …

This Is the First Legend of Korra Action Figure, You Gotta Deal With It

Time is a wheel, and time does not stop for looks, charms or grasses that are greener for the cattle, bison, and buffs around and around the wheels turns, and the wheels do stop going around in time, not time it never stops. Dances in the wind on the beach.

Hope hops daily to wishes, prayers, desires, and peace and love by the sea, with touches of laughter, hope, and happiness to follow the jokes on family members, friends and foes. Why not, turn the page, and write another book on the super sized-stars that have lights on or lights off, not sure are you?

Moot, in the end, and the views to be kept in the houses only of the choose few that live and sing songs, about the charms and wits that are given as gifts of peace and love by the sea, RV Campers and cheaters, thieves, and blazers for lost causes, and have fingers in place to point at others for the reasons that shame and disgraces were acts or deeds to turn the other face and put another mask on for the seasons to come.

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