Mother May I: Are You My Mom? Veterans Lost And Found.

Back in time, once upon a time, recaps of joys and pains, lessons learned over time, My mother left notes to find the perfect replacement. Veterans lost and found, houses and homes to find, coins to flip, light and day, tales of hard knocks.
Love and lights, ways to see the birds in the dogwood trees, singing songs, love and honor. Tales left behind, my mom, my mother, three legs on a stool, my mother, me, and my grandmother, lovers to saints, dead and gone. Nice to know, the lessons taught as a child. Wishes on stars, read a lot of books, places to visit when you can not go, pages of changes to read. Love and light, sheep and goats, ways to grow, love and hate, goats and rams, horns to sound, good time.

Water Dreams, Castle Dream, Lovers Net. Daily dances to do, birds and bees, songs on winds, dances in the dogwood trees. Monkeys to dodge, hopes and prayers, dates to set, mountains to climb. Birds in the dogwood trees, ways to grow, ways to sell junk, Jackie and family, freaks and frogs, dogs and birthday hits and misses, pages to turn, lessons learned, dances on the sands of time, lovers and haters to go. Hopes and prayer,s songs to sing, birds and bees, dances on the winds. Happy notes, history to share, dances in the dark, dances with snakes and frogs, grasses to hay, horses to runs. Games to play, dances with donkeys, money to burn, pages to turn, three lefts to get things right. Freaks and fools, dances with Steven Jarrot, jobs and gangs, dicks to servers, cum on face, cum on ass, donkeys to ride for free. RV campers, Rach Jay, Rachel Gay Jarrot, Rachel Gaylnn Jarrot, faces of cheap tricks, wigs and caps, to hide the horns.

Movies and angels in the snow, pictures to share, angels in the winter, angels on the minds and the hearts of the kids, all the time. Times to play a song, radio hits, 420 blue dreams, to blue nights. Happy to sands of time, winds are still, cold and winter whites to sing. Tips to share, history to write, times on the seven seas, paths taken in the dark, long ways from home, manners to shine. Crazy Ghosts, Better Lives To Leaders: Marines. Ms 411 Daily Tips For Today.

Are you my mother, lost and found, girls lost in the woods, on the way to grandmother house. Fairy tales told, mothers and grandmother, kids to find. Tails in the air, notes of dates, ships passed in the night, hopes and dreams shared, fish and frogs kissed, back in time, once upon a time. Not your mother, not your babe, not your bitch, five stars or not. Coins to flip, lessons to learn, tests over time, pages to turn. Hits and misses, dances in the night.
Angels on earth, angels in the air, birds and bees, songs to play on the radio, J Lo: Aint Your Mama: great tune, loved the story told, way of the world, Mama Boys, jerks, freaks, snakes and frogs kissed, ways to grow, ways to see the lights, dances on the sands of time. Love and luck, love and heat, love and lust, coins to flip, dances for lovers, dances for liars, dances for the freaks, frogs, and fools, games of love to play. Hits and misses, joys and pains, bumps in the road, tests over time, lovers and haters.
Jump for joy, the witch is dead, the cow has expire, the egg is back in the fire, birthdays and rebirths, butterflie tales told. Hits and misses, songs to sing, songs to dances to, live and learn, all ways of life. Books, movies, and blog, ways to see the world, when you have to stay in one place. Life at the Post Office, games to play, head games with short men, with young bucks, frogs still fill with cum. Dates to pass, dates to have a laugh about, live and learn, lots of luck, lots of love, lots of tests over time, lots of hard knocks ways to go.
Crazy Ghosts, Better Lives To Leaders: Marines. Ms 411 Daily Tips For Today.….

Ask the Rabbi: Questions and Answers about Jewish HistoryRecords set for the good times on the beach, whales on land for the party and play freaks out at night. Happy with the lifestyle, happy with the grass growing under their feet, same story, different year. Crooks, Robbers, Cheaters grandmothers Sima and Rachel Jarrot, 88, and 92, years old family members.Charles R. Jarrot L.a. Inc. Only the vain, and only the simple, have views that everyone likes them, in real world you are not able to please everyone.

Frog Dates: Fruit Nut, Toss Salads Done.THE WAILERS….Balls In The Air, Chicks And Babes, California Dreams, Sands of Time, Earth Angels Once. Marvin Gaye – Lets get it on Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine: 1 Jan 2013 – End of the line:Cycle Completed. Hard Knocks 110312: The Rights Corrected: History, Not News To Share. Blue birds, blue stars, happy to see, rainbow shots, to pots of gold.

Fairy tales, monkeys and snakes, hackers, crooks and liars, tails in air. The aftermath, of live with the displace veteran, llissa Desilva, the 100 percent disable, black veteran, and the care and kindness that was a gift of time and attention. thanks for that period of time…Just another fairy tale, a man and woman, the bumps in the road, the breakdown, the missing favors gone, the dream wasted, hurt, broken, full of tears for the pain and the anger still. A love story that did not end well is one way to view it, black and white matters to address, hidden views or unknown feelings just beneath the surface. Women, men, mice, rats, cattle, bison, bitches, butches, butterflies, fairies, fags, male fag hags, sinners and saints just a few of the terms of endearments used for part players.

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Every day Earth Angel, hope, sunshine, peace, and good will fighter, fairy or pixie.
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