REPORT TITLE: Joys And Pains: Lots Of Lessons. Veterans.

Lots of love, lots of luck, lots of lessons to learn, good times, ways to grow, ways to get things done. Love things, taking about waking up, love for yourself, love for others, love for the ships that pass at night. Songs to sing, love things, ways to grow, names to be called, lovers or haters, hats and wigs, horns to hide, horns to sound. Love things, wild things, lots of lessons to learn, love things for the good times, love things of the hard knocks, love things for the ways to stand tall. Dreams In Actions, Homes, Houses, Castles, Farms, Veterans Off The Streets.

Creative Writing:Charles Jarrot Arrest Details | Local Crime News via gifts to share with the homeless veterans, that couch surf in Long Beach, Moreno Valley, Ventura, Ontario, and places in between.

Good night twitter! ♥ Devils,Steven and Rachel Jarrot, cows to 7608512267. Jewish Jerks Jarrot Jokers 2016, freaks and frogs, monkeys to dodge. Games on land.– Time to turn around, time to take a stand, all jokes aside. Right and wrong, three lefts will make it right, back to square one. Angels In. ….help them find the help they need and a little tip or two about the snakes and cattle callers to dodge, for the best dazes to come. Games??Knights Lost, Bus Rides, Prey Alerts=Games in the winter lights, wolves and snakes. Happy dazes on the right side of happiness, joys also…

Causes For The Season: Lessons Learned. COURSE NAME
REPORT TITLE: Joys And Pains: Lots Of Lessons. Veterans: Thanks For Service, Hands Out To Statements, Skills To Share…Stories and tips, veterans for prey, in the lands of love and hate, sheep and goats, horns of goats, horns to sound, for the female veterans. Black, Single, Displaced, Confused and Homeless veterans, help and hands out to show the way. Cash on the tables, just need to do the paper wood, stories and tips to write, forms to fill, cash for life on the table for the harm done. Damages, and aches and pains, bumps in the roads, timed served for the red, white, and blue.

Mad Man Undead: Undead and Unstable Still: Hopes, Wishes, Prayers up in the air, thanks to heavens, stars above, angels in hosts, like stars at night.  Horse and Pony Shows, Clowns have left, poker players to the right. Not a Free Ride. Rides along the way, are just a detour of the things that you would like to do but do not want to take the time to consider, because you are not in control of the pace. It is a matter of letting the cows out. So that the cows can come home, only if they are unable to find a new field of grass, and learn how to talk your way into the things that you cannot afford. It is not just a state of mind it is a way of life for so many. It is not a time to talk about what you know it is about what you would like to know.

Tales from the dark sides of the moon, snakes and monkeyd, in dogwood trees, happy holiday 2015. Rocks in Upland now, cattle caller Steven Jay Jarrot,7608512267- role player, master or slave as  Eve or Adam:  preys on  blacks, Mexicans and working classes. Stats to remember, 22 dead veterans every day, need some help to change that. Nonprofit Ella Doce Casas Del California, Veterans Centers, Corona, California.

Hands outs every day for the ptsd veterans, argry issues, drug issues,  displaced, hurt, blue and sad, homeless and alone  Veterans like Chuck Moore: just a fartard? Should have left the snakes alone, lessons learned, always a snake, good or bad, in between skins. Brief period of blocked time, to help others on conditions and returns, Loan sharks is the term, nice for returns in the future, with strings attached, snake in grass as well. Lessons needed to change ways  to think, right or wring, not forever, hard to say.

Serpents, Reptiles, Jewish White Stars, Lights On | Life Is A Beach Blog Example of love and devotion, from the devils here on earth, seven snakes within each member of tribe. Super-sized Freaks, ghost, jackasses in hills in Riverside, Ca. Steven Jay Jarrot, Rachel and Rocky Jarrot, Charles R. Jarrot, Jacqueline and Sima, Sheri, Daniel George, and the Super-Stars and legends in their own sick twisted ways.

Summer of 2013, Fugly Frog 😍after the shit hit the fan on his love affair with his dream girl, mistakes had been made, and the atonement was never done, not a rite of passage in the deeds and the actions. Sima and Paul Jarrot, donkeys or asses in the valleys of darkness, to love or to hate. The funny thing is I already felt it was time to close the door on this chapter in my life making room for the next.

Fear of the unknown was stopping me. The “what if’s” kept closing the door on the possibility of taking the leap. The simple truth is life is full of the unknown. I suppose if we knew what our future held it would be boring. The answers were already inside of me. We have to believe in our innate knowing. Trust it. Then let go. Thanks for sharing. Magic in the numbers, magic in the air, daily gifts to share, trips to the moon. Kindness Church, full of peace and understanding, goodness and mercy angels for of love, peace, and joys. Wishes, prayers, desires out for rewards, dances on the beach.

Angel Heart: On the dark sides of the moon, on a clouding night, without stars. Dreams, hopes and prayers resting on the clouds. Heaven and hell under the cherry moons, at sunset, after the dazes done on earth. Fairies, pixies, and earth angels, in the sky. Wishes and numbers, dreams in color, power in the magic in the air. Running with angels, goodness and mercy angels on earth, tales of joys and pains of growth. Notes of an angel or two, notes of a fair fight, to the rites to write the history, of love and hate. Tips, tales and tweets, notices over the internet, online for the good times shared.

This is after the third party views about level of love, as seen by the hairdresser with the kid that was hairless, Sheri and Rachel Jarrot, the pair in question now, stories about the nosy, super-sized white whales that rule with the short hairs and balls of Steven Jarrot, in her purse. One for Sheri and one for Rachel, and they rule with balls in hand the love and good times of ex-husband, and golden calf of the tribe to tell him how to feel.

Notices by blogs, tweets and Google plus, written in third party views were attacked, and that was the beginning of the end of the dark days with this clan. Fugly Frog 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Land whales: Sheri and Rachel Jarrot, lovers of Charles R. Jarrot 7607778998 . Birds sitting in the dogwood trees. Happy songs to sing, angels in skies over head, dances on the beach. Good times in first attempts in learning, lessons classic for the long runs. Snake Steven Jarrot 7608512267, sucks dicks, fruits and nuts to go. Practice problems to share, classes on the shores of time and space.978 773 7299 chicks on chicks.

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