Everything but the kitchen sink .

ALL WOMEN DESERVE LOVE. ALL WOMEN DESERVE PEACE. ALL WOMEN DESERVE HEALING. ALL WOMEN DESERVE RESPECT.The best time of our lives, happy dazes again, dances on shores of times. Lots of laughs, lots of jokes, under the grass, spiders and snakes, ways to look, ways to check..Luther Vandross. Angels here now. Angels in heaven, angels in hell, trips to take. Lessons to learn, fairy tales in past, bible stories to share. Gifts .

Fish Out Of Water: Wishes On Stars, Waves Of Words: Sunny And Bright. Tails to pens, over the roads to travel. Head in clouds, fairy tales to recreate, sights from the sky, angels in host. Thanks for the rites to stand, the heads to count, sinners and saints, fish and frogs, snakes, spiders and worms, circles of seasons, reasons to delight. Glory dazes to come..

GOODNIGHT MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS. THX! Veterans Housing Matters: Homeless Blues: Worked at Phil Smart Mercedes-Benz Studied at Hennepin Technical College Went to Frenchtown High School Lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota From West Covina, California.


Everything but the kitchen sink – Orange County area


Music to play, songs to hear on the radio, good times. Drums for tones, drums for marking time. Facebook Raider Dick Butch: Santago Smith, Reese Smith, URITA Smith, dead to shit in bag, party. Friday Chuck Moore, hands out for earth angels, fairies also: Daisy Dukes . Fields of dreams, fields of daisy dukes, tips to share, cow and cattle tales. Flowers for Sarah Jarrot,trips to hell. One more turn up at bat, moving on up, trying to get piece of pie in the sky.
 There will be a few guys into sucking, and i guess everyone likes receiving a BJ but no anal play and nothing ever weird or unsafe.  If you have never tried it I would definitely encourage you to do so, It may be scary at first but afterwards you will have to laugh because it is no big deal at all and you will be glad you tried it. It is a big ego boost to discover that most all other guys hardons are all about the same size as yours no matter if you think your cock is small and theirs is huge.
Good times snows and rivers, routes to go,over the hills,over the valleys,in the middle of the nights. Houses and homes to build,where are the pictures of the rest of the house, would like to see more.Private house,not a motel. Mariah Carey Wings To fly away, cons and pros. Frank Agresti : Bald and fat. Retard, Rejects, Escapees- Hero. When is International Men’s Day? Asking for a friend.Bald and fat. Retard, Rejects, Escapees- Zeros 2.When is International Men’s Day? Asking for a friend. Singing songs, telling tells, birds and bees, happy dazes again, glory days done, trips to hell and back, time on the cross over and done, frogs out of the house. Coins Tossed, Cards Flying, Bloody Blue Dreams ; Leaders as kings, Peter Pan rides again.Wings to fly, butterflies.
 This is really fun! There is no pressure to do anything so you can just take out your cock to compare hardons with other guys, stroke yourself or other guys cocks or maybe get or give a blow job, it’s totally up to you and what you are comfortable with.  Or if it sounds like more fun to have some 1 on 1 fun with just one other guy let me know that too and we can set something up.  Please reply with your stats, what kinds of fun you are into, and any pictures (which are never circulated).

Ways to go, meetings in the summer time, need to know where. When has always been Father’S Day, week end. 🙈 🙉 🙊Persistence Pays Daily: 😮🌊🌊🌈. Girls In Red Hoods, Good Tales:Time On The Cross, Faces In The Crowds, Good Time Tales, Dances In Darkness, Family Affairs, Gates To Heaven. Pages To Books.Everything but the kitchen sink .

Bored Panda : Let’s Go Somewhere !!!! It’s your Season.Surge In Every Season….With Surge 365…. Let’s Go Somewhere !!!! Turn the lights on, after the sun sets, read a book,enjoy the views of the world outside.

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Every day Earth Angel, hope, sunshine, peace, and good will fighter, fairy or pixie.
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