A Christmas wish from me.

good day my friends,

Christmas day has arrived, I hope that you are all having a great day,

today I would like to wish you all a very very Merry Christmas and a
highly prosperous new year in 2014, I extend my good wishes to you,
your family and to who you work with and who helped make 2013 a great
year for you.

I wish all my friends, followers, subscribers and customers a very
Merry Christmas and thank you for all your support, it is greatly

cheers and here’s to 2014, lets make it a good one,

many many thanks,

your friend,
Michael Bonner

Authority Hacks Report by Ryan Deiss

Hi folk’s,

Have you noticed that blogs are vanishing?

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Techcrunch, Mashable & TMZ do this.

Authority Hacks Report

Authority Hacks Report

According to Ryan’s report:

·      Blogging is dumb
·      Free endorsed traffic is easy
·      Not selling will make you more money
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By Michael Bonner

Kindle Publishing System is LIVE!

Kindle Publishing System is LIVE!

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My friend Ryan Deiss’ “Number One Book System” just went live and it’s sending shock waves through the community for several reasons:

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Did you see that Ryan Deiss recently got 7,000 downloads of his little gardening book? The big secret is he did almost 30,000 downloads from other books during that same time you didn’t even see.

This is incredible… it changes everything!

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Digital Marketer

SEO 2.0 FightBack Neteworks, Rankings PROOF!

SEO 2.0 FightBack Neteworks, Rankings PROOF!
Ever wish Build My Rank was still alive?

But Blog Networks get killed by Google don’t they?

Not all of them! There’s a new system that CAN’T be beat by Google.

Ever heard of a blog network PLATFORM?

The days of easy ranking are back!

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Black Friday Free Workshop Filling Up FAST

Black Friday Free Workshop

Rich people MAKE while poor people spend.

$989,832,832 worth. That’s how many eBooks were sold in 2011, and the estimate is that sales will triple in 2012. That’s $3 BILLION.

The guy who created this workbook has a ton of books on Amazon…

One of his TINY reports (that he wrote using the same system he’s GIVING you) sells over 700 copies a month, making him almost $2000… a month.

The new Kindle was just released recently, and it’s already a big competitor with iPad… Oh, and prices start at $149!

Can you guess what Amazon pays to have each Kindle manufactured?

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Black Friday Book Camp This Weekend

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How to Set Up Word Press

WordPress Marketing is one of the powerful open-source tools for business owners today, since 2003 it has become one of the most commonly used blogging platforms to date. Today WordPress has the ability to handle any content management for just about any site from a blog to a fully-fledged website with endless choices with a wide variety of themes and skins available, or you can create your own.

With WordPress being open source software, literally millions of people are creating their own themes and skins enabling custom WordPress development. There are thousands of plugins for WordPress that will allow it to create just about any type of web page, you can find thousands of coders that that create these plugins, you will also need to find a web hosting company capable of running PHP and MYSQL, fortunately most hosting companies provide this.

It is also recommended that the server that you choose runs Apache or Lightspeed to speed up WordPress. Publishing your work to your website is a main feature of WordPress regardless of weather you use the platform only as a blogging tool or for a website. Using Permalinks gives you the ability to configure your permanent links, which is based on your blog post title helping you improve your search engine rankings. Adding tags while you are blogging will allow the users to easily search through your posts for certain topics, as well as feeding the search engines with this information.

WordPress can also be configured to update your social networking sites each time you make a new post and people who visits your blog or site have the ability to subscribe through a variety of different services, and of course you have ability to choose which services you want as there are hundreds to choose from, with this kind of flexibility you are able to focus on who can subscribe based on the type of blogging you are creating.

WordPress Marketing software is really easy to understand with a variety of different options available.

If you are new to WordPress there are WordPress lessons, WordPress courses, WordPress how to videos and WordPress web designers to help get you on your way.

You should try WordPress Marketing for your next site.

If you would like more information on how to set up WordPress please follow the link below.

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Many Thanks,

Michael Bonner

Your Basics About CPA Affiliate Programs

As you may or may not know, CPA affiliate programs are all the rage right now when it comes to marketing online. The concept behind CPA marketing is really simple; you can make money for generating leads for CPA networks.

Once you’ve made the decision to earn money on the Internet, you’ve already taken the first step. The Internet is definitely the place to do that. There are many Internet opportunities to choose from to make money. All you have to do is find one that you like and stick to it. Sounds simple enough, right? But this is where most people end up failing. They jump in and try to do everything and end up not doing anything. Starting with CPA affiliate programs is just one option for you. But if you stick with it, it can be the only method you will ever use to make an online income from the comfort of your home.

As mentioned earlier, the goal of CPA marketing is to get the consumer to enter in their contact details. Many times there is no purchase required. And if there is a purchase required, it is of minimal cost (usually shipping and handling to receive a free product).

As with any type of affiliate marketing, you need to draw traffic to your CPA offers. But, differing from the regular affiliate marketing, you don’t need tons and tons of traffic to get conversions. Normal affiliate marketing is costly to the consumer. CPA marketing offers them something for free in exchange for contact information. Not too many people will be reluctant to offer up this type of information if they get a freebie for it. So earning is easier.

In order to get traffic to your CPA offer, you can put an ad banner or affiliate link to a website or blog, send out email blasts with the link to your list. How you draw consumers’ attention to the CPA product is not that important. It really doesn’t matter whether they’ve found the link on your site or in e-mail send by you. The thing that matters is that they are eager to leave some personal info so that you get paid.

CPA affiliate programs are sometimes also called CPL (cost per lead) campaign programs. The commissions paid on a visitor who only enters an email address or zip code is lower than what you would get if they need to enter in some more personal information (like a social security number) or if they do need to pay a few dollars to ship a free sample to them. But it’s much easier to get 30 people to enter in their name and e-mail (and you get a 1 dollar commission for each person), than to get one person to buy one product for 30 dollars.

The first step in getting started with CPA affiliate programs is to be accepted into one of the many CPA networks. After you’ve applied and become accepted, you just go in and start choosing the products you want to promote. If you don’t have a website or blog to advertise your offers, you can easily and inexpensively hire someone to do it for you at Elance or any of the other freelance sites that offer services such as web design, SEO, and more.

So, this was a quick over view CPA Networks, if you would like to get a bit more in depth information on CPA you can download my FREE report from the link below,

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So go ahead, you have nothing to loose, and download your free-report,

Chat soon,
Michael Bonner


Download Affilotheme HereHey guys,

Did you know that the BIGGEST secret to making money as an affiliate marketer is to stick to a proven system? I know that the temptation is always there to jump from one method to the next, but that won’t get you anywhere.

As luck would have it, super-affiliate Mark Ling has released his awesome 5 Step Method for Making $10,000 per Month Online – as a FREE report.

The best thing about Mark’s 5 Step Method is that it is totally time-tested and proven. He has been following this same system for years so he knows it works!

If you’ve ever wanted to make a serious living from affiliate marketing, then this is your chance! Mark also shows you how to build sites that Google loves, as well as sharing the secrets for thriving online post-Panda and Penguin.

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Instant Paycheck

Hi folk’s,

There are many ways for you to make money online as an affiliate and the biggest problem any affiliate has is managing their cash flow.  With the wide variety of timescales affiliate programs payout on, it can be very difficult to manage your cash, even if you are managing to meet the minimum payout levels!

Amazon, for example, pays you 60 days after the end of the month you made the sale in, which can mean waiting for almost 3 months for your money, and that is if you reach your payout threshold.  Many other programs also pay out 90 days after the sale.  Clickbank will pay you every two weeks, but again, you have to meet the payment threshold.

Being able to manage your cash flow is very important for an affiliate, particularly if you are spending money on advertising.  If you are paying for advertising in advance (as is often the case) or monthly, then you don’t want to be waiting 3 months for the results of that advertising to hit your bank account.  It can result in some very negative cash flow and major issues!

One of the best ways for you to manage your cash flow is through what we call “Instant Commissions”.  These are products sold through a product such as Rapid Action Profits (RAP), which pays commission instantly to the affiliate through their Paypal account.

These programs work by alternating payment between the merchant (the product owner) and the affiliate depending upon the commission rate.  For example, if the commission rate is 50% then the first payment goes to the product owner (this is to prevent people buying through their own affiliate link) and then the affiliate gets 100% of the second sale.  And future sales alternate between the product owner and the affiliate.

If the commission rate is say 75% that means the first payment goes to the product owner and the next affiliate gets 100% of the next three sales before the product owner gets another payment.  Basically, the product owner gets 1 out of every 4 sales with the other 3 going to the affiliate.

Instant commissions are great for affiliates because it is instant money in your account.  You make a sale and you get the money.  100% commission products are even better because of the amount you earn on the front end.  These products are excellent for your cash flow because you have instant money coming in to your account.

If you are an affiliate and looking at managing your cash flow better then instant commission products are the answer to your problems.

If you would like to find these solutions click this link

Chat soon, Michael.