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Kindle Publishing System is LIVE!

Kindle Publishing System is LIVE!

Very Limited Openings!

Today is the day to change your marketing path and
join Amazon to dominate your niche…

It could be a bad day for your competitors!

My friend Ryan Deiss’ “Number One Book System” just went live and it’s sending shock waves through the community for several reasons:

#1. The price is about 80% lower than everyone thought
it would be…
#2. The training is the best that I have EVER seen and
no other Kindle system even comes close…
#3. The “reveal” of a secret Kindle mastermind/syndicate
that will help it’s members dominate Kindle for years
to come…
#4. Access to a cutting edge LIVE event that will turn the
ePublishing industry on it’s ear…
#5. One surprise so big you’ll only see it AFTER you’ve
joined up.

This is the CUTTING-EDGE new direction for 2013. If you miss it, you miss the future.

Did you see that Ryan Deiss recently got 7,000 downloads of his little gardening book? The big secret is he did almost 30,000 downloads from other books during that same time you didn’t even see.

This is incredible… it changes everything!

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SEO 2.0 FightBack Neteworks, Rankings PROOF!

SEO 2.0 FightBack Neteworks, Rankings PROOF!
Ever wish Build My Rank was still alive?

But Blog Networks get killed by Google don’t they?

Not all of them! There’s a new system that CAN’T be beat by Google.

Ever heard of a blog network PLATFORM?

The days of easy ranking are back!

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Black Friday Free Workshop Filling Up FAST

Black Friday Free Workshop

Rich people MAKE while poor people spend.

$989,832,832 worth. That’s how many eBooks were sold in 2011, and the estimate is that sales will triple in 2012. That’s $3 BILLION.

The guy who created this workbook has a ton of books on Amazon…

One of his TINY reports (that he wrote using the same system he’s GIVING you) sells over 700 copies a month, making him almost $2000… a month.

The new Kindle was just released recently, and it’s already a big competitor with iPad… Oh, and prices start at $149!

Can you guess what Amazon pays to have each Kindle manufactured?

HINT: It’s a lot more than they sell them for.

I’ll tell you why tomorrow.

Here is the FREE “Black Friday Book Camp” workbook now

Black Friday Book Camp This Weekend

Are you going to screw off this weekend or really do
something important?

At the end of this long weekend, if you’ve followed this
FREE plan, you’ll have your first Kindle book outlined
and maybe even DONE and ready for launch.

Does anyone know how many millions in eBook
sales there were in 2011? Go ahead and guess, I’ll bet you’re not even close.

I’ll give you the answer tomorrow.

> Here is the FREE “Black Friday Book Camp” workbook now <