Black Friday Free Workshop Filling Up FAST

Black Friday Free Workshop

Rich people MAKE while poor people spend.

$989,832,832 worth. That’s how many eBooks were sold in 2011, and the estimate is that sales will triple in 2012. That’s $3 BILLION.

The guy who created this workbook has a ton of books on Amazon…

One of his TINY reports (that he wrote using the same system he’s GIVING you) sells over 700 copies a month, making him almost $2000… a month.

The new Kindle was just released recently, and it’s already a big competitor with iPad… Oh, and prices start at $149!

Can you guess what Amazon pays to have each Kindle manufactured?

HINT: It’s a lot more than they sell them for.

I’ll tell you why tomorrow.

Here is the FREE “Black Friday Book Camp” workbook now comments disabled due to abuse