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Amazing New Affiliate Marketing Software For Facebook

How would you like to be one of the first people to get your hands on Paul Teague’s brand new Facebook software, Affiliate Fan Pages which does exactly that – puts your hot affiliate offers directly in the flow of nearly one billion Facebook users.

This is the hottest, money-making Facebook software you’ve ever seen and Paul has squeezed everything he’s learned about Facebook over 4 years as a user into this amazing package.

There are no cheats, loopholes or black hat techniques here – this is just what you get when you fuse the hottest Facebook software on the planet with rock solid affiliate marketing techniques that have stood the test of time.

And it all happens on Facebook, where nearly one-seventh of the planet’s population gathers every day … just waiting for your amazing offers!

Now my guess is, if you’ve never used any of his Facebook products before you’re probably stuck with some horrible WordPress based solution – or even worse, you’re still coding these things by hand?

Let’s cut to the chase here – if you think that creating profitable pages on Facebook is hard work, you’re using the wrong tools.

And if Facebook marketing isn’t working for you, you must be doing it wrong – let’s face it, marketing on Facebook is like having a shop that’s constantly overcrowded … if you’re not selling your stuff in that kind of environment, you really need this product!

Check it out here: Affiliate Marketing will never be the same again!

Pop Notify

Diabolical Yet Simple Plug-in Uses Facebook’s Behavior Conditioning To Force Your Users To Click Any Link You Choose!

Are you chasing customers or creating customers?

Hi folk’s,

If you use Facebook I’m sure you have seen the little notification boxes in the bottom left corner of the page when a friend leaves you a comment. They are so irresistible and you just have to click to see the comment, well I have great news for you today, how would you like to have your own notification boxes popping up on your blog?

Most people these days are conditioned to ignore advertising in your sidebar, opt in boxes etc but these little notification boxes compel you to click the notification.

Introducing Pop Notify, It’s basically a stupidly simple WordPress plug-in that allows you to create unlimited ad units just like Facebook and it’s easy to set up, easy to add and delete ad units, easy to enable and disable.

If you act fast, for a limited time you can have Pop Notify running on your Blogs for a very low price, people would gladly pay $47 -$97 for this plugin but if you act now you can get the full multisite and developer license for a crazy low price, make sure not to wait too long because this will rise and it will be sold with different versions of pop notify for single domain, multi-domain and developer licenses.

Go Check This Out, I Guarantee You Won’t Be Disappointed

Secret Weapon Video Player

Hi folk’s,

If you do YouTube marketing you really should check out this cool piece of software, “Affiliate Traffic Player”.

It works on all browsers, desktop and Mobile.

Some of the main features include easy WordPress install and upgrades, 22 stunning video skins that auto resize, self hosted videos including YouTube, Vimeo and more, viral social traffic sharing and advanced video marketing capability.

You can also add any social media sharing button imbedded into the video which will make your videos go viral and drives traffic and backlinks to your website, you have total flexibility.

It also does text link pop ups or images pop ups using YouTube, Vimeo and many more using self hosted videos using Amazons3 mp4 or flv files.

You can also add banners, optin forms, order buttons, text links, PayPal buttons below the video or above the video inside Pop ups Lightbox Video too with delayed timed option.

Harness the video power and take your marketing to the next level,

check this out at this crazy price because it will be increasing to $147 soon.

chat soon, Michael.

Local Mobile Monopoly

Internet Marketing for local companies is a great opportunity now, Im sure you’ve also heard that mobile marketing is the biggest new trend in marketing. What you may not have heard, however, is that the combination of both, is an untapped gold mine, almost! Helping local companies to market on the mobile device is a huge opportunity now. In fact, the Internet and Mobile Marketing is unlike the traditional method of marketing through the Internet.

Well, you’re in the right place at the right time as Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan have just released the first content-packed video training of Local Mobile Monopoly!

FREE Video Training.

Also, the launch of the much anticipated ground breaking text message training would’nt be complete without in-depth reviews and unparalleled rewards, even if you are planning on getting a copy of the Local Mobile Monopoly at all make sure that you purchase through my link to get access because you will get your hands on extra bonuses and relevant training.

Bonuses will be relevant to the rewards and training and not based on the amount of value they claim. Just make sure to read my objective Local Mobile Monopoly Review first so that you can make an informed decision if this product is for you.
Local Mobile Monopoly Review (coming soon)

Local Mobile Monopoly will be the released to the public on March 21, here is what to expect to be published here in the coming days.

1 … Updates on Local Mobile Monopoly in advance.
2 … An unbiased Local Mobile Monopoly review.
3 … Killer Local Mobile Monopoly bonuses for whoever decide to buy this course through my link.

Local Mobile Monopoly.

Facebook, The Money Monster.

Nothing will EVER be as powerful as Facebook is right now… NOTHING.

Here’s why:

Did you know there are over 500 million people who use Facebook every single day? Not only that, they’re extremely high quality users because they’re all registered and confirmed with active email addresses and phone numbers which means… They’re real people. On average, people who use social networks spend just over 30 minutes per day on the site compared to the 12 seconds that 99.99% of other websites on the Internet today get, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a lot.

Social networking is the most powerful way to make money online ever. It’s easy and it’s fast, it doesn’t require any skills or knowledge of how it works. It can be as easy as click your mouse and make money.

You can start making money today without a website, blog, your own product or email list. You can create compelling campaigns on Facebook that force viewers to click through and buy whatever you’re promoting… generating you an insane amount of affiliate commissions. You can finally break the ‘make money online curse’ and start making a passive income that has the power to generate enough income to replace your job… In 60 days or less.

Here are some Q&A that might be flooding your mind right now.

How much money do I need to get started?

Not as much as you might think, campaigns have been started with just $50 and there’s no reason for you to not do the same. You can even start with nothing, as it is free to set up a profile or a fan page.

How quickly can I get my first campaign up and running?

Very quickly. If you’re a newbie you could start setting up your campaign on a Friday
night and have it set-up by Sunday morning. Or, if you’re a little bit more experienced you could have your first campaign set up in less than 24 hours.

What about competition?

Facebook monetization is still in its infancy, which gives you the opportunity to walk right in and start making money almost immediately. And with the unlimited number of niches you can go into, the chances of you competing with someone else are slim to none.

So, as you can see, it’s there for the taking, combine your efforts with Clickbank or another affiliate network, CPA networks or if you have your own products you’re all set to go.

If you like to find out more info please click the link below and I’ll see you on the other side, many thanks, Michael Bonner.