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Medication for Sleep Apnea You Should Know

A different form of sleep disorder is central sleep apnea, in which the brain fails to properly control breathing during sleep. It can cause split sleep and low blood oxygen levels which may lead to hypertension, heart disease and memory problems.

Causes of sleep apnea

There are many factors that increase risk, including having a large tongue, a small upper way, tonsils or uvula, being bulky, having a depressed chin, small jawbone, smoking and alcohol use, being age 40 or older, and ethnicity. Also, OSA seems to run in some families, suggesting a possible genetic basis.

Medication for sleep apnea:

Modafinil tablet is a kind of medication which is extensively used in treating disorders like Obstructive sleep Apnea or changing Shifts’ working sickness. It is a drug preferred and prescribed by many physicians in order to treat disorders connected to restlessness in patients those are suffering from sleeping disorders. The chief biochemical constituent of this medication is Armodafinil.

This medicine acts as a stimulant of wakefulness endorsing agent which increases attentiveness in sufferers and reduces weariness and sleepiness. This drug is mostly used by workers who are working in shifts and are not capable enough to remain awake or focus on their work due to their body continuously wanting more sleep.

But in spite of the popularity and trustworthiness of modafinil drug it is recommended that you see a doctor before the consumption of this medication, so that you can avoid complications and other risks.