MLM Success – Every Level Of Income Demands A different YOU!

Professional network marketer/Mentor

“Every level of income demands a new YOU!”
I remember when I first heard this from my mentor. I didn’t really understand what he was talking about until he made it more clearer. Today I can really relate to what it means. Simply put it means that as you grow and become the person that you were meant to be and the income has escalated to what you have desired. You will change and be a whole new you. This is a requirement! Your goals will even change because you have an adjustment in life that you MUST make and your priorities will change too.

It’s not about you because you look at life differently because you see it from another angle. Let me give you an example of this:

When I first started on the internet, it was an adventure because I was so green and I didn’t have clue about any of the workings of how to use the internet to my advantage. All I was thinking was it would be my ticket out of my job. The internet was full of business opportunities, well that’s what I thought because I wanted out of that J.O.B.very badly because to me it was a dead end road. So I signed up for a bunch of these programs that said I could make money, but what I didn’t know was. All these programs now had my email address and could email me anytime they felt like it, because I had opted in. I didn’t know what that meant. It was pathetic and all I got was a bunch of emails in my inbox and that was a mess. I immediately unsubscribed from the majority of the lot and only kept a few and went on trying to do what they told me to do. But something was missing, I didn’t know how to promote it on the internet. I was stuck on what to do.

One day out of the blue, I came across something that changed my life and to this day I am happy that I made the decision I did. It allowed me to change my perspective on how I was going about things. What I was missing was skills and training on how to make money online using the internet. Also, this was the beginning of something that I needed very much. What I now know is this, it had to do with my mindset.

When you change your mindset, this is when everything will change for you, and it all comes when YOU just start helping people. That’s it, just do it with no strings attached. This is so natural and yet so many people miss it because of having an agenda. YOU must get rid of this to have true freedom.

When YOU reach that certain level of income, this is where you want to be and now a new person emerges from within. This is what has been inside of YOU all along. It’s called personal development and I can definitely help you to change your mindset so that you can be the new YOU with a residual income that will demand a new YOU!

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