MLM Training | Before YOU Join A Network Marketing, There’s Something YOU Must Know.

YOU must watch, listen and train yourself to spot “greed and ego” before you join a company where you are in the middle of it. You definitely MUST avoid it from the start. Once you are in a group dominated by the greed and/or ego of its leader(s), you are lost. It’s a situation you must train yourself to see and walk away from.

Think about this, the majority of people want financial freedom and to be debt free. So they figure if they work hard on a job doing something they love, it will pay off when they retire. Here’s the thing with this picture, a J.O.B. will not allow you to retire with a sufficient income to live out the rest of your life without debt.

This is where most people are heading if they continue to work in that dead end job. So most turn to the internet looking for an opportunity so they can have a better life by starting their own business. In there efforts of hunting for that great business opportunity, they end up finding a lot of scams that are being perpetrated on the internet. It’s because they lack the skills and training to know how to find a business, and end up finding a scam. Continue reading

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant’s heart
“Live and learn in the now”

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