Don’t aim to be PERFECT, it will blow YOU out the water!

If you want to fail as an entrepreneur, set your goals to be perfect and YOU will FAIL every time.

In this world, noone is perfect. YOU are perfect just the way you are. The only thing that matters is what YOU think about yourself.

This is why people struggle in their business. Everything has to be perfect, get rid of that “perfection mindset.” It will stagnate you to the point that you will not do anything because the timing is not right, or I do not have the money to do it now. So you do nothing instead. STAGNATION-not doing anything, standing still, no movement. Well I’m sure you get the meaning.

It just does not work in the business world, it is never going to be a perfect time, you will just keep on waiting on that day which will never come because you are waiting for perfection.

So get rid of that “perfection mindset” first.

“You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.”  I got that from one of my mentors and it is appropriate for this.

Get things going and TAKE ACTION. if you need to make changes, so what at least you are not stagnating. YOU GOT IT GOING!

Now if you need to know what to do next, TAKE ACTION and get my FREE e-book and get it going now.

This timing is right, so do something and change your life for the better. I can promise you that if you do this now. YOU will have a happy and prosperous life because you got it going.

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