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Where network marketers go wrong is, believing what they (the heavy hitters) tell you.
The heavy hitters will tell you “MLM is just a numbers game.” Who are these heavy hitter they are the:

**funded franchises
**lead brokers
**gifting programs

Direct marketing is a numbers game.
Here’s what I can tell you about network marketing, it is a relationship business not a sales business.


For YOU to make more, YOU have to become more.


Now I’m going to talk about affiliate marketing, this is when people are convinced that they need multiple streams of income but instead they wind up promoting all kinds of opportunities then you undermine your network.
So what you are doing is spending more money then you got coming in–that’s why I call it mutiple streams of outgo!

Here’s what all these affiliate programs are doing, once they have sold you all they can sell you and have gotten all your money.

Then they go out and create another system, another affiliate program and call it something
else and now they try to get more money out of you.

The same person own the last 5 or 6 affiliate deals but once he has suckered you through enough of them then he puts
someone else’s name on them and splits the money with them.

They keep doing that and selling the same stuff to the people.

Heavy hitters will always be in affiliate programs (they’re the scam artist and they don’t care about you) it’s all about the money!

In network marketing an average part-time person can truly have the “Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous.” It can be done
in 2 – 10 years depending on the effort you apply. YOU just need to be coachable.
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What can you get for free:
**a system of education that will teach you specific “how-to” skills so that you will be successful in the network marketing industry. (one of the skills that you will learn is how to protect yourself from scams and scammers who pretend to be network marketers.)

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**a training program for the new and unsuccessful network marketer. YOU will have a team of professionals with special
skills that will coach and mentor you for success.

**contributing to an industry that is now growing at an alarming rate and it is becoming based in ethical behavior.

Summing it all up, I highly recommend that if you want to own your life then network marketing is the way to go.
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