Why do you need a mentor in business?

The only way to answer that question is to put it like this. When you are not experienced in having a business, you need someone that has experience in business to take you step by step. If you try to go it do it by yourself thinking that you can be successful without getting proper skills and training. It will not work the way you want. YOU will become frustrated and more than likely you will end up quitting.

Why do you want to go through it by yourself when you don’t have to. There are a lot of organizations out there that can help you to be successful, but a great many of them want thousands of dollars to be your personal mentor or coach. It’s a fact that the majority of people just don’t have thousands of dollars to pay someone. So people get online and join all these different affiliate programs, and what happens, they get caught up in to many of them, and they’re not making any real money. Now they become frustrated and they jump on the next BIG PRE-LAUNCH  that everybody is talking about and they’re off and running with  that now. They’re thinking this is going to be the one, because everybody else is doing it and it’s new and I’m getting in at the beginning.  In their mind they’re thinking I’m going to make BIG MONEY  with this one, this time. So what do they do, they jump in before they check it out.

By checking it out first, I mean checking out the company management experience. They don’t understand the compensation plan and how it works.  YOU have to crunch the numbers of a compensation plan.   Always ask yourself this question when looking at a compensation plan “How many people do I need to make $10,000 residual income?”

What is residual income?

Answer: Residual income will still be coming in every month if I decide to retire or take a month of vacation from my business.

Are we clear on that.

I hear a lot of people that talk about “multiple streams of income” there’s no such thing as that, only multiple streams of outgo. Yeah you will be spending more than you make.  What I’m getting at is, don’t do what others are doing. They are failing forward and they want you to believe that they are successful. They’re not!  TRUST ME about this. All they want is for you to join them in their opportunity and make some money off of you. That’s what it’s all about.

Get smart and become educated, get the skills and training you need so YOU will have real success and make the money YOU desire.

Here’s a little example I want to throw at you, almost everybody have heard of “Dancing with the Stars.” Now, do you know what these are stars are getting before they go on stage and perform in front of an entire national audience.



Right? Do you think these stars want to go out there and fall on the face on TV? Nope!

So they go through weeks and weeks of training. Makes sense, right? Because some of these stars don’t even have clue about dancing, so they decide they want to do the show and they get education, training and skills from professional dancers who know what they’re doing, so that they don’t hurt themselves

It’s the same way in business, STOP wasting your time and spinning your wheels.  Get you a coach for your business, so you don’t hurt your yourself!

Where can YOU get your coach? It’s really easy and I know of an organization that will do it all for FREE.  This is what you need, the only requirement is that you are coachable. That’s it.

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Wishing YOU success and happiness!