Cell Phone Cash Review and My Special Bonuses

Cell Phone Cash is the new internet marketing coaching club from the desk of Mack Micheals, well know for his last project called Maveric Money Makers!  Six month ago, Mack decided to search for the next huge market or trend, After two weeks of research, he stumbled upon cell phones.He doesnt mean the “product” Cell Phone, but the “Tool” Cell Phone, or in other words: using cell phones to advertise affiliate products (or your own) to make a lot of money! The result is his Cell Phone Cash membership site!
After only one day, Mack made the first profit with his new discovered system. In the following month he was able to make more than 320.000 $ in pure profits with this techniques.

Mack is known as successful online marketer for 8 years, he made more than only one million dollar with his knowlege, the last project The Maveric Money Makers helps 13000 happy customer to a six figure income, and now he decided it´s time to help other people to archieve the same success, the result is The Cell Phone Cash Coaching Membership.

Here are some facts to show you the size of the market and the potential to make money:

– more than 4.3 billion people in the world use Cell Phones

– more than  60% of the world population use cell phones

– more users than laptops and computers together

– this trend doesnt seems to stop or slow down in the near future

so you should understand, this is a very huge market and the best part is, its nearly untapped.

It´s just like beeing the first, using e-mail marketing back in 1998!

Mack recorded all actions he did to make more than 10,000$ in a single day, this is a complete and easy to follow step by step video tutorial to a huge income. But first let us take a look at the things you have to do in order to be successful with The Cell Phone Cash (or each other affiliate business)

– you need a well selling product for a specific niche

– you need to find a way to get your massage out to as much as possible interested people

– you need to develop a way to motivate people to buy the product

– optimize the process and went to the next product

As a member of Cell Phone Cash you get access to high quality videos, showing you exactly how to copy Mack Micheals success step by step, It´s just like looking over his shoulder.

Here are a few points you will discover as a member of Cell phone Cash:

Modul #1:

– the basics to make quik profits on the net

– learn the basics to build a six figure business

– discover the full potenzial of Cell Phone Cash

Modul #2

– finding the right product to promote

– building your business long term

– protect your business for competition

Modul #3

– Create your recession proof marketing machine

– the simplest methodes to find your target market

– analyzing trends to boost your business

Module # 4

– the different web services you have to use

– Discover the largest possible pool, get your message out

Modul # 5

-how to archive top performance for your business

Modul # 6

– automate your income system

– learn to compress a 80 hour work week into only 8 hours

– find the right people to do the work for you

Modul # 7

– some secret cell phone techniques

– 5 simple steps to a five figure income

There are more than 50 videos for you if you join Cell Phone Cash + the fast profit videos, produced to let you earn money instantly after watching the video.

Mack Micheals offers an additional fast action bonus for the first 750 people signing up for the Cell Phone Cash coaching membership:

“50 simple ways to make at least 500$ per month”
This guide shows you 50 simple to use techniques to make instant money out of the world wide web, these informations were never released before, so you will be one of the first using these techniques. This guide alone will bring you back your invested money for Cell Phone Cash!

To make it perfect, Mack offers you a 60 day money back gurantee if you won´t be able to make money with his training!

I highly recommend all products of Mack Michaels, they work all!

I got some feedback about this coaching product telling me there are some people not able to make profits with Cell Phone Cash, but all of my customers are satisfied!

Please post your experiance as comment on this post!

Go to the Cell Phone Product Page!

I decided to make it for you a little bit easier to join this oppertunity and so I added two additional bonuses for you, if you join Cell Phone Cash by using my link (see below how to get your bonus):

Special bonus for Cell Phone Cash

Special bonus for Cell Phone Cash

I phone tricks

I phone tricks

To grab your Bonuses simply

– delete your coockies in your browser

– Go to Cell Phone Cash, scroll down to the order button, and submit your filled out order form

– after your purchase you will recieve an e-mail with your ordering reciept, just copy this e-mail

– go to my help-desk, open a ticket (bonus claims) insert your details and past the e-mail, you will get an e-mail with your secial bonuses at least the next 48 hours (it will be much faster normally)

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