Squidoo Myth Exposed, get your free copy now!

Get your free copy NOW!

If you have spend some time to discover a well working oppertunity to make money online, then you would know Squidoo already. Squidoo is a website where you can search for information and find it a lot faster than by searching on the entire web. This informations are hosted by squidoo, but created by users like me, or maybe you too. Squidoo members are able to create 1 page “blogs”, named lenses, for free.

To design your Lenses you can use a lot of different “modules” to include videos, pictures, text or Link lists, for example. There are also some modules to “monetize” your lens with e-bay, amazon and some other options.
Squido shares his revenue with every member, that way you can make some money by creating squidoo lenses.

To make some more money with squidoo, you can use it to promote affiliate programs, as long as you don´t spam squidoo and follow their policy.

Now, some time ago Squidoo changed his policy, so it¥s much harder for affiliate marketers to use squidoo for their marketing efforts. Many Lensmasters has to change their lenses, in order to avoid deletion of their lenses.

Karl Pemberton, a successful squidoo lensmaster, had to overwork more than 130 lenses in order to follow the new squidoo policy. Now, he put together all his knowlege about Squidoo lens building and the new Squidoo policy, and wrote a more than 100 page e-book, called Squido Myth Exposed. Here are some of the informations you will discover in this FREE e-book!

– The new Squidoo policy,and how it effects you

– how to build a money making lens without to get in trouble with the new policy

– how you can put a opt in form on your lenses to build a huge list

– a lot more useful informations

The best thing on “Squido Myth Exposed” is, it´s completely free. 100 pages of high valued informations for free, so just go to Squidoo Myth Exposed to get your free copy today!

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