WhiteHat Copycat Sites – A new earning model?

Two day´s ago, I got an e-mail from Tim Bekker (SuperSimpleSystem), sending me an invitation to his beta-version of his Whitehat Copycat Blueprint.

Tim Bekker is now working for 7 Years as online marketer and he really knows what he is talking about.

Well, back to the Copycat Blueprint. I cant Say too much it´s “top secret” and will pre-launch tomorow, but here is what I can tell you :

Instead of targeting a small group of motivated buyers, to offer affiliate products, Tim uses so called Copycat sites to attract a high amount of traffic with something for free, a game, software or something else to download, without any profit for him, but he uses highly optimized advertising techniques to make these kind of sites highly profitable!

He attracts Traffic, just to redirect it!

I made a review site you can visit to learn more, but remember, Prelaunch starts on the 19 January :

To learn more about the Copycat Site concept, I highly recommend to download your free Whitehat Copycat Report :

Click Here!

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