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Hot 3 Tier Affiliate Program – Leads and Sales will be paid!

Tim Bekker (Whitehat Copycat), a successful online marketer, has launched the first 3 level lead and sale affiliate program. Directly tracked over your Clickbank Hoplink!

Tim pays you 2 US$ per lead and 50% sales commissions on every sale in the first tier.

Tim also provides some high quality trainings material for his affiliates – each affiliate receives a complete copy of Tim´s Stupid Simple System (Clickbank Topseller) just for signing up!

Sign Up NOW!

Autoresponder Code by Tim Bekker – Start to Promote NOW!

The Autoresponder Code by Tim Bekker will go in prelaunch at June the 8th. Here are the reasons why you should start to promote this autoresponder manifesto as soon as possible!

Tim uses the first 3-tier tracking system to track all lead´s and sales you generate for his autoresponder code! this means you get paid for every lead and every sale three levels deep, all tracked over your clickbank hoplink!

You will be paid 1.75 $ per lead in the first level, 0.35 in the second and 0.10 in the third.

Tim is a great email marketer and he really knows how to build a responsive list and how to make money with. He will show you a lot very interesting and powerful but widely unknown strategies and tricks you can use to build a responsive list of subscribers, just waiting for your emails to hit their inbox. (I know it, I am such a subscriber)

I will post additional informations on this topic in a few weeks, just be sure to become an affiliate for Tims autoresponder code and start making money three levels deep!

The Aweber Code, new Email Marketing Report by Tim!

The Aweber Code is launching soon (15.02) but there is an interessting fact I think you may like to know about this, Tim Bekker offers some real great bonuses for his affiliates!

Beside the normal Clickbank Commission System, Tim set up a additional pay per lead program to reward his affiliates some more.

This means he pay´s an additional 1 – 2 $ per lead (performance based) or even 3$ for every JV partner signing up. Tim will pay these commissions via paypal.

Be sure to join this affiliate launch, even if you don´t want to promote this product you will learn a lot about launching your own successful product.

There are only a few informations about the Affiliate Code avaible at this moment, but Tim promises some real effective and unknown tactics to build your List with Aweber as fast as possible!

And if I take a look at the StupidSimpleSystem and Whitehat Copycat (I own both of them) I really sure he will keep his promise !

If you want to learn more, or sign up as affiliate, go to :

The Aweber Code

Whitehat Copycat Trial Extra Bonus

Tim Bekker from the Whitehat Copycat System offers a 3 Day Trial to his full system, so you are able to see what´s about.

So if you are interested in an innovative business model with all you need to get started, this might really be the best choice for you.

Tims System has some important differences to the most other online marketing systems, to read more about it, visit Tims Trial (or browse this Blog).

If you are interested in a effective way to make money online, take advantage of my Whitehat Copycat Trial Bonus Offer!

You can cancel your Trial at any time and you have a 60 day money back guarantee too!

Whitehat Copycat Starts Prelaunch today – Download your Free Copycat Report!

Yesterday I wrote the first post about a amazing new System called “Whitehat Copycat”, it works a little different to the most other onlline marketing systems, but it works very well.

Now, today the prelaunch phase has started, and it´s time for all interested in this System to download your Free Copycat Blueprint (Click Here to get it), and wide more important to secure your special 40% launch discount!)

Here are some of the topics are covered in this Bluepirnt :

1. The Concept behind the Copycat system!

2. What are Copycat Sites

3. Which niches are Profitable with these Methodes

4. Very Important : Where comes the Traffic From!

It´s free to download, just by

Clicking Here!

P.S. I´m offering some Extra Bonuses for Purchasing Whitehat Copyhat when it has launched, so be sure to read my Review and Bonus offer : Whitehat Copycat review!

WhiteHat Copycat Sites – A new earning model?

Two day´s ago, I got an e-mail from Tim Bekker (SuperSimpleSystem), sending me an invitation to his beta-version of his Whitehat Copycat Blueprint.

Tim Bekker is now working for 7 Years as online marketer and he really knows what he is talking about.

Well, back to the Copycat Blueprint. I cant Say too much it´s “top secret” and will pre-launch tomorow, but here is what I can tell you :

Instead of targeting a small group of motivated buyers, to offer affiliate products, Tim uses so called Copycat sites to attract a high amount of traffic with something for free, a game, software or something else to download, without any profit for him, but he uses highly optimized advertising techniques to make these kind of sites highly profitable!

He attracts Traffic, just to redirect it!

I made a review site you can visit to learn more, but remember, Prelaunch starts on the 19 January :

To learn more about the Copycat Site concept, I highly recommend to download your free Whitehat Copycat Report :

Click Here!

Quick Profit Formula – Make Fast Money Online!

Are you Looking for a Quick Way to make Money Online?

The Quick Profit Formula could be the answer to your Questions!

Here are a few points taken from the sales page :

  • You’re about to discover the only proven way to mega-generate tons of income on the web.
    You’ll take advantage of leading Fortune 500 business techniques combined with cutting-edge Internet marketing strategies to guarantee instant and steady revenue streams…
  • You’re going to find out how quick and easy it is to ultra-automate every aspect of your online business, so you make thousands even while you sleep!
    Discover how to get your business to run by itself, so it will make you tons of cash while you’re out and about finally living the kind of life you’ve always dreamed was possible.
  • Plus, you’re going to get full access to my most closely-guarded tips, tricks, and tactics.
    These ultra-powerful techniques are certain to unlock your money-making potential
    and put you on a surefire path to success!

It´s a littlebit to early to really recommend this product to my readers, but it seems to be a solid system to make Quick Profits out of the world wide web, after some time I will do a second post to tell you more about this product!

Visit Quick Profits Formula NOW!

Electronic Cigarettes Affiliate – The Best E Cigarettes Affiliate Program I know!

After Signing up for a couple of E-Cigarette affiliate programs, I finally found The Green Smoke affiliate program, Here are a few of the points making this E Cigs Affiliate program to a great oppertunity to make some money with electronic cigarettes!

1. High payout from 15 – 20 %

2. Advanced Tracking

3. Many different promotional materials like Banners, E-mails, rebrandable E-Books, Discount Coupon Codes and videos.

4. High Quality Electronic cigarettes

5. Second Tier Affiliate Program.

They provide you with some valuable video training tutorials and a lot more tips for affiliates – Also this isone of the highest paying affiliate programs for electronic cigarettes.

To learn more about the Green Smoke affilite Program, visit the official Green Smoke Website!

Or visit my Electronic Cigarettes Blog to learn why Green Smoke is the best choice when it comes to electronic cigarettes!

P.s. If you sign Up as Affiliate for Green Smoke, be sure to us this Link and to send me an e-mail with Bonus Claims in the Subject Line, and I will send you Some special Trainings material about affiliate marketing as Bonus to help you building a successful affiliate marketing business!

Dirty CPA Marketing, make money with CPA Affiliate Marketing!

The Dirty CPA Marketing Course was developed by Steve Iser And John Hostler, exposing how they made more than 30,000US$ with highly effective CPA strategies.

In the Dirty CPA Members area, you will get access more than 10 coaching modules, teaching you:

1. Where to find and how to choose the best converting CPA offers

2. How to build landing pages with high convertion rates

3. The best way´s to use Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Co. to drive targeted and free traffic to your landing pages!

4. How to use PPC Marketing to make almost instant profit

5. There are a lot of tools and bonuses aviable for all purchasing Dirty CPA!

Finally, here are some of the Fast Action Bonuses offered for purchasing Dirty CPA:

BONUS #1 : Renegade Cloaker 2.0
– Cloack your Affiliate Links
– Track your Links
– Many more advanced features (Bypass, Cookies and much more)

BONUS #2 : geoCPA Traffic Split Script
This Script splits your traffic by countries, a very useful tool for CPA marketing!

BONUS #3 : Free Trial Of Keyword Elite 2
One of the best tools for Keyword Research!

BONUS #4 : Free Trial Of Speed PPC
Make your landingpages and PPC Ads work together. Dynamic PPC Ad´s + dynamic Landingpages!

BONUS #5 : Free Trial Of StatsJunky
It´s important to track your results in order to make a living with online marketing, with this free trial, you´ll be able to track all your campaigns at once.

There is a 4.95$ trial for Dirty CPA, so you are able to test it befor investing a lot of money, there is a 60 Day money back gurantee too, so you can´t lose with Dirty CPA!

If you are interested in CPA Affiliate Marketing, you can get your free CPA Marketing Guide!

Massive PPV Traffic, Extra Bonuses Added!

This is my special bonus offer for Mass PPV Traffic, a new Traffic System to get highly targted traffic for a extremly low cost. This system is Brand NEW so you still can get a great advantage over your competition by using this incredible cheap traffic method. Here are some of the points Mass PPV Traffic will expose to you:

1. How to get targeted traffic from PPV networks almost instantly

2. how to pay just about 0.01$ per targeted visitor

3. how to capture your visitors e-mail

4. how to increase the convertion rates of your Squeeze pages

5. how to test and optimize your landing pages to get the most out of your invested money

6. how to convert your subscriber into profit

and much more…..

Mass PPV Traffic contains lots of high valuable informations about converting traffic into profit. It contains 10 step by step tutorials showing exactly how to set up your PPV marketing machine to bring in profits every single hour of the day. The Mass PPV Traffic Control Manual contains the same system in written form for easy reference there are some more products included.

If you act now and join Mass PPV Traffic, you will recieve some really nice Fast Action Bonuses, they alone will guarantee you your return of investment. Some of them:

1. Adwords Miracle, Many useful and valuable PPC Tactics and Methodes, very detailed but easy to understand (This Works, read a review)(97$)

2. Google Massacre (97$)

3. Secret CPA black Ninja Files, secret module of the Zero Friction Marketing course.(197$)(Very Very Useful)

4. Get Google Ads for Free, Video series explaining how to get PPC traffic at absolutly No Cost!(Great together with Adwords Miracle)(97$)

There are much more valuable bonuses for the first 750 joining mass ppv traffic!

So I know that Adsense Miracle is worth it´s cost, Zero Friction Marketing too.

I´ve now tested Mass PPV Traffic for some time and I´m totally satisfied with the methodes explained in this Video Training! Mass PPV Traffic shows you not only how to generate extremly cheap traffic to your site, but also how to convert this Traffic into profits!

Here is a Special Bonus for purchasing Mass PPV Traffic to make it a even better deal for you!

BONUS #1 : SEO REVENGE (Value 27.00$)



Have you ever tried your luck with Search Engine Optimization, only to end up with poor results or NO results at all? Ranking high in the search engines and getting ALL that FREE traffic is not an easy task? Trust Me!

After months and months of failed attempts, I finally cracked the code to FREE traffic!

As Special Bonus I give you the Resell Rights For this Product, too! So you are able to sell it or even to add it as bonus to paid products!

BONUS #2 : Outsourcing Secrets (Value 47.00$)



Want To Discover How You Can Easily Outsource Your Business Without Pain Or Worries? You Are About To Discover The Tips And Tricks To Do So!

– When it comes to writing you sales letters,
– You spend a week or 2 attempting to create your new product, build up the squeeze pages, sales letter, back end pages and loads more.
– Slowly, bit by bit, your regular customers stop buying from you in frustration because your product and after-sales service dropped drastically.

BONUS #3 : Viral Marketing Secrets – Video Edition (Value 57.00$)




– The reasons why viral marketing is such an effective tool for getting your product out there

– The most important human element that makes viral marketing actually work like crazy!

– How to make sure that people get access to the product without complications…if not you’re going to have a lot of problems!

– Unusual places viral traffic will come from and why your focus should be on entertainment first

and much more

How to Get your Bonuses:

1. Delete your Cookies in your browser

2. Go to Mass PPV Traffic and purchase the product.

3. Send your reciept as an e-mail to contact at bennisspiderweb . ws and include “Bonus Claim” in the subject line! I will send you your bonuses in a few hours (may take up to one day)!

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