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Best List Building Plug In – Digi list Builder

This is my Digi List Builder plug in user review!

You can use te links below to visit :

The Digi List Builder WordPress plugin is developed by Andy Fletcher with the goal to offer a easy to use solution to integrate your opt in forms into your WordPress blog in a professional looking way!

Here are some of the main features making the Digi List Builder to one of the top list building plugins for wordpress :

  • Easy to install and set up, so even a complete newbie should be able to instal this plug in!
  • Works with any autoresponder service!
  • Three different ways to present your opt in to your visitor!
  • Upload your own grafics to make it stand out!
  • much more…..and even more comming soon….

The Digi list Builder is by now the third product I bought and tested from Andy, and I´m completely satisfied with each of them, but even in the case you don´t like it, or it dosn´t fit your needs, is there a 60% moneyback gurantee with every purchase, so there is absolutly no risk for those interested in building a huge opt in list easily!

Get Your Discount Now

P.s : Andy offers a limited 70 % discount for the Digi List Builder, so make sure to get it now before the price will go up!

A Great Tool To find Dofollow Blog´s to comment on!

Well, I found a very useful tool in an ebook about article marketing I´m reading at the moment, so here I want to share it with my reader.

It´s a little Keywordluv Seach engine – Keywordluv is a WP plugin based on the commentluv plug in . The different is you can insert keywords after your name to get Backlinks with keywords in your anchor text. Just Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage of this feature!

A alternative is this Commentluv Search engine. Hope this helps you to comment on related dofollow Blogs. Please keep in mind to NOT SPAM these Blogs – Make useful comments!

New Contest Started at NoviceBloggers!

NoviceBloggers started a new Top Commentators Contest until the end of Jan. 2010!

The two commentors with the most comments will win a 125 x 125 Adspot in the Sidebar of NoviceBloggers.

The blog covers mainly all about successful Blogging, SEO and other related topics, so join the conversation to win your Ad Spot!

This Blog supports commentluv and dofollow links, so even for those who don´t win, it´s definitively worse the time to visit and comment on this Blog!

Start Commenting Now!

Good Luck to all joining this Contest!

Increase Traffic with optimized Headlines!

I was a little busy in the last week but now I finally have a little bit time, so I decided to write this Blog post about a free but very interesting marketing tool I found a few day´s ago.

While I was searching for some interesting Blogs to comment on, I stumbled upon this “Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer”.

This tool analyzes your Headlines (I tried it for Adwords Ads and it´s very useful too). It´s very simple to use, just copy and past your headline in the form (No more than 20 words) and click on the Link ” Submit for Analyzes“.

A new page wil load with the result of your analyzes in form of a “EVM Score” (stands for: Emotional marketing Value), this is the percentage of the used emotional trigger words you used in your headline.

The english Language contains something about 20% of these words, and a very good copywriter uses up to 75% in his Headline! So you can compare your result!
But thats not all, this tool will give you a little “profile” about your ad and the customers you will attract with it or whitch kind of trigger you use with your Headline.

To learn more about it, Just Try It, its completely free and requires no Sign up or registration, Just Copy, Past and Click! Go to: Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

I hope this helps you to optimize your Blogging, Marketing or Advertising results!Technorati-Tags: , , ,

Last chance to get SQUIP PEP shares, only 2 day´s left!

SQIP is a newly launched social community with a revenue sharing concept. Every person signing up until the first of october recieve 100 PEPs, one of these PEP´s has a value of about 2.98$ at the moment, still raising! This is yours just for signing up for free at SQIP. But beside this great feature there are a lot of other very useful functions included in the SQIP network:

post classifield ads for free

network with other likeminded people

find friends and contacts

share your videos and your music

share and promote your blog

share your bookmarks

chat and connect with others

build more than 50 (!) streams of income with SQIP

build your business network

dating and single communities

This are only some of the features you can use for FREE as a member of SQIP.
You are free to sell your PEP´s, or you can keep them and watch them increasing in their value. it would be more than stupid to pass this great oppertunity to earn some money for doing nothing! There is absolutly no risk for you, No cost, nothing!

DevHub, great free Website builder!

DevHub is a new online service to create and host high quality websites without the need of any html or programming language. To build your free websites you can use several different modules to include videos, pictures, text, various ad´s to earn money with and you can insert any kind of html code if you want too. With DevHub, you have a lot more features than by using hub pages or squidoo, for example.

DevHub allows you to create up to 10 websites with a various number of pages. Espacialy if you are looking for a way to earn money with your hobby or as affiliate marketer, this is a great tool for you to build your product review pages, squeeze pages or just a page about your favorit topic with some CPC ads or affiliate products.

With the included money making modules you won´t have to look for related products and offers, this does DevHub for you already and it´s more than easy to include keyword releated ad´s on your website! There is no need for an Google Adsense account to make money though cost per click ads too, just include the money making modules, send traffic to your site, and start to earn money!

To sign Up for this fast growing service, go to:

The Devhub sign up page!

Or go to a Devhub Sample Page

How to Choose a Word Press Theme for your Blog?

There are many a WordPress themes.  How to choose one that will improve the quality of your links and the propensity of folks to buy is a task you need to undertake if you want to make money online.

WordPress themes are available free online if you determine a search.  The trick is that you have to leave the link to the developer intact.  If you donít want to lose any link juice, you can have a wordpress theme developed fitting for you.

Here are some things to look for in a WordPress theme and how to choose the finest one, in other words.

∑    Probably the most important thing is that the browser is compatible across browsers.  When you build a site, look at it in Internet Explorer as well as Firefox.  revision it out on PCs and Macs if you can.  You don´t want anyone´s experience on your website to be diminished because the theme is not compatible with their browser.

∑    The near aspect you want to look for is the ability to add widgets to your word press theme.  One of the far-reaching features of the word press software is the availability of add on scripts called widgets.  These are extremely easy to upload.  But, if your theme can´t handle widgets easily, it´s not worth it, even if it has a beautiful look.

∑    You desire your word press theme to load quickly.  If folks have to wait seconds to see your site, they will click the back button before you have the chance to make your case.  If you are using a free theme, try loading someone elseís site that uses the theme before you take the trouble to put it on your own site.  If the CSS is compressed, this can speed page load time.

∑    Is the theme SEO optimized?  It doesn´t matter how good your content is if the search engines can´t find it.  Some things to march past for as far as SEO compatible themes contain an emphasis on content rather than graphics, have HTML validation, and should fresh look post extracts on archive and category pages.

∑    Make sure your word press theme has a search capability.  This is a fundamental item, but there are still some themes that don´t have the compatibility for search.

∑    Is the theme already overused?  If too a lot of marketers are already using the theme, your web site might have a “me too” feel.

∑    If you plan to have ads on your site  either banner ads or Adsense  make sure that the theme supports them in its design.

∑    Finally, can you grow with the design?  As your site develops, will you be able to hold the same look and feel?  You don´t want to surprise existing viewers with a brand-new theme without a strategic marketing reason for it.

Choose wisely when selecting a word press theme.  How you make money off your site may depend on the theme you pick.

Get 40 professional WP templates for free!

Protecting Your Affiliate Commissions

Thieves are a great problem out in the “real” world for business owners and thieves are a great problem for affiliate business owners too. Out in the real world, thieves will take your cash and products and it isnít any different in the world wide web. The real world merchants use locks and alarms to keep thieves away. Affiliate business owners need to use anti-theft software or online services to secure their commissions. Here are some techniques you can use to secure yourself and your hard earned money:

1.    Use Meta Refresh: A meta refresh is a small piece HTML code which  redirects your visitor to another website (with your affiliate id). It provides a good way to include your affiliate links in newsletters and e-mails. It helps to avoid commission bypassing and commission hijacking. A big advantage of using this technique to cloak your affiliate links is that if merchants change their affiliate links, you can easily change links on dozens of websites quickly and easily by editing only your redirect file.

One problem is that some search engines do not like meta refreshes because they’re often used for illegal purposes. So use this methode with caution.

2.    Use a URL redirection service. You can use free services or buy your own domain for each product you promote. URL redirection makes affiliate links less obvious, so this will keep away the most commission thefts.

3.    Use a web-based ad tracking/cloacking service. The ad tracking link initially hides the affiliate link, reducing thefts.

4.    Use an link cloacking script. Good link cloacking scripts hide the affiliate link as well as being useful to track your ads. It has the advantage that it doesn’t build backlinks for someone else’s domain.

5.    Use redirect Java or PHP Scripts. Because this hides the affiliate link, it should reduce commission thefts too.

Make you clear that thievery is a problem for your affiliate businesses and take the needed steps to secure your commissions.

One great online cloaking service is Web Traffic Juggernaut, this service not only cloak your links, but it also gives you free advertising and advanced AD-Tracking at the same time!

Unselfish Marketer video review!

Hello and Welcome to my Unselfish Marketer Video Review!

I joined The Unselfish Marketer about 4 month ago and I´m totally satisfied, as “Vault” member, I get access to all tools a online marketer needs to be successful like professional webhosting(3GB), up to 100 autoresponder, 3 different high quality Content Managment Systems, free access to different paid memberships, a fresh product (most of them with PLR or RSR) will be added every second day! (If you don´t want to resell them on your own, you have the option to use the affilate programm to earn 90% (!) commissions (You get the most products for free, so you know what you are selling)!

The Unselfish Marketer buys the product You Want for all members of “The Vault” (The Unselfish Marketer)

Here is a little Video about The Unselfish Marketer

Unselfish Marketer Video Tour

For more details about the unselfish marketer, visit my hub-page (There you can watch the video too)

The Unselfish Marketer, the best internet marketing memberships

25 Tips That Have Transformed My View On Website Creation

Affiliate marketing is one of those domains that’s hard to wind up established in. Undoubtedly, the first few months are always the hardest since branch newbie affiliate marketer. With the massive amounts of information and advice out there, it pledge be very difficult to know who’s legitimate and who’s real. With self described “gurus” apparent there dire to help you, always for a fee, it’s not uncommon to finish somewhat lost in the massive world of affiliate marketing. However, it is possible to navigate your way through the uncertainty, and access a macrocosm of important, helpful news and aggressive advice.

So, how should you concur for what advice is useful? The greatest way to gauge how effective someones sustenance will betoken is to scan the person that it’s access from. There’s a probably rule that states that you shouldn’t take advice from those who aren’t in a position that you aim to be in. This is especially true for straighten marketing. hush up the encompass of desperate marketers that are eager to inroad their advice and goods on you, reputation counts above everything fresh. scrutinize who you’re getting advice from, and be sure to check what they’ve spent their time on and how it compares to the advice that they offer.

When you’re seeking comfort and guidance in the online world, it can often be no picnic to nail down between nourishment that comes from a mentor and advice that comes from an eBook. While both offer a huge number of information besides guidance, you itch to entrance the two differently. Ebooks offer massive amounts of practical information, and are a mainstay for internet marketers looking to impulse up their knowledge and online education. As the fundamentals of the online information economy, eBooks should be treated as the primary learning materials. Mentors aren’t around to answer easy questions, they’re around to clarify further record you once you current believe an understanding of the terrain. This free statement goes into souped up detail on the strategies that you need weight edict to maximise your internet marketing results.

25 great tips for residence good converting websites

Packed full of money information, this report has been made possible thanks to the instance again effort of many of the internets matter marketers and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re just getting modern magnetism affiliate marketing, or are an well-rounded brilliant that’s looking to rewrite and optimise your portfolio of websites, the support offered weight this tally is phenomenal and exactly profit a look for hunk affiliate marketer.

25 great tips for building high converting websites