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VOXFlair Contest : Win a HD Camera or your prof. produced marketing video!

Here is just another great contest I found today! is a membership site providing audio recordings to boost website convertions or produce sales videos and so on…

This Service is now in Pre-Launch (until tomorrow) and practicipates a  Opening Contest with some real great prizes to win! Here are the top 3 :

  1. Complete Custom Sales Video!

In order to take part at this contest, you need to join the PreLaunch of VOXFLAIR , after that you need to earn points by Tweeting, Bookmarking and commenting!

P.s. VOxFlair makes it real easy to use audio for your marketing or to produce your videos, so be sure to get in in prelaunch for FREE!

Learn More!

Viral Marketing Method, a Free PDF Rebrander and much more…

Viral Marketing Method

Viral Marketing Method is a new Free membership still in beta testing, but it really seems to become a real monster when it comes to viral marketing.

Planned was the Viral Marketing Method as “Twitter Traffic Loop”.

1. You set up a Twitter Squeeze Page with a free gift for Tweeting (There are rebrandable PDF´s inside, complete with Squeezepage.)

2. You cloak the url with a viral link shortener (also inside).

3. You get an RSS feed to promote your Sqeeze page, on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and so on.

4. You can make an opt-in offer on the “Thank You” page to build your list too.

5. You can write your own reports and make them rebrandable, so you can offer other members of Viral Marketing Method a way to use your report to earn affiliate commissions (You can still have a link to Your Website in the report :)).

6. There are some more tools to help you create a Viral marketing effect, like a RSS brander (brand RSS feeds with your Affiliate Cookie).

But after getting some problems with Twitter (it isn´t still clear what causes this problem), there will a lot of changes in the near future, so they are planning to integrate more social networks like facebook for example, but there is a lot more.

For more informations about the changes planned, or if you got an idea how to make Viral Marketing Method to a powerful marketing tool, visit the Idea Forum!

And here it´s getting real interesting: By joining Viral Marketing Method and by joining the related Forum, you will be able to helpbringing Viral Marketing Method to the next level! (Visit the “Brainstorming” Forum of VMM)

Your creativity is wanted!

PLR Gold Members Websinar Launches today!

Today (it starts on Monday, 11th January @ 7PM USA EST (12AM UK)) starts a Free webinar about PLR products and how to use them most effectively. This all is featured by Adeel & Bobby, the developer of PLR Gold Member, Mass PPV Traffic and some other topseller on clickbank!

To Sign up for the free PLR webinar, go to the PLR Gold Members website!

Blog Engage Community and Forum – A Great Place For Blogger!

Joining Blog Communities and Forums are a great way to Promote your Blog or Website. Well, I need to tell you something about a small, but recently growing Blog Community with a related Forum, The Forum and the Blog Community offers you dofollow links in your Signatur and a Revenue Sharing System.

The Blogging Wire Community also offers the oppertunity to start your own wordpress based Blog – with a lot of options to customize it and more than 250 professional themes – So it´s a Useful and growing network, and it´s realy worse the time to take a look at, especialy if you are looking for some additional traffic for your Blog, Guest Blogger or other kinds of contacts!

The Blog Engage Forum is a good place to look for Blogging and marketing related informations, but it´s also a place where you can introduce your Blog and yourself and where you can look for like minded people to share knowlege, exchange links and much more….

To learn more visit the Blogging Wire Community or take a look at the Blog Engage Forum. Another good place to read more about Blog Engage, but also Seo and Blogging is the Blog Engage Blog!

New Contest Started at NoviceBloggers!

NoviceBloggers started a new Top Commentators Contest until the end of Jan. 2010!

The two commentors with the most comments will win a 125 x 125 Adspot in the Sidebar of NoviceBloggers.

The blog covers mainly all about successful Blogging, SEO and other related topics, so join the conversation to win your Ad Spot!

This Blog supports commentluv and dofollow links, so even for those who don´t win, it´s definitively worse the time to visit and comment on this Blog!

Start Commenting Now!

Good Luck to all joining this Contest!

Commenting Idol 2 – Hurry up To win up to 180 $ and lot´s of Valuable Prices!

I just found a real interesting contest a few minutes ago – It´s called “Commenting Idol 2” and it ends at the first january! But don´t worry, you got several options to win this contest – so you still have a chance to win!

So here are the

Prizes To Be Given Away

Top Commentator Prizes

No.1 in Top Commentators will get:

No.2 in Top Commentators will get:

No.3 in Top Commentators will get:

No.4 in Top Commentators will get:

No.5 in Top Commentators will get:

Best Commentator – Bonus Prize

Best Promoter – Bonus Prize

If you are interested in joining this Contest, go to:

Commenting Idol 2

PPC Web Spy – A State of the Art Adwords Spy Tool Review For FREE Today!

PPC Web Spy is a computer program that can help you do better in your pay per click marketing campaign. When you have a pay per click marketing company advertising your website, you have to choose certain keywords to use. PPC Web Spy is a (Free) tool to help you figure out which keywords your competition uses so you can compete better.

Picking the right keywords can make or break your pay per click campaign. And since it´s unlikely that you´re the only person in your niche, you´re bound to have competition. How do your competitors get targeted traffic to their website, and how can you get some of that same traffic?

PPC Web Spy can help you figure those things out. This tool is designed to show you the Google Adwords keywords that websites are using to get traffic. Since Google Adwords is the most popular pay per click advertising company online, using this tool can help your PPC campaign get you better results.

If you search on a word or phrase at Google, ads that are using those keywords through Google Adwords will show up on the search page. These ads are usually on the top and right hand side of the page. PPC Web Spy can show you the keywords used in those ads.

After you´ve made such a search, you click the program´s icon in the bottom right hand corner of your web browser screen. Then you do the Google search again. Now a ´view keywords´ button will appear below each pay per click ad!

Click those buttons and list will pop up that shows all the keywords that marketer has bid on for that particular ad. So, how can a tool like PPC Web Spy be valuable to you when planning your pay per click campaign?

First, now that you know the keywords your competition is bidding on, you know the keywords you should try to bid on, too. This can be a great help if you´re just getting started. If you don´t really understand the whole keyword concept, or don´t know much about it, now you do. You´ve got an entire list to choose from with just a few clicks.

You get more that just a list of keywords, though. The list also shows that keyword´s ranking, the average cost per click and the average cost per day. It also shows the maximum cost per click, and how many clicks that keyword gets per day.

You get all that information from your competitor´s ad! And that information can help you decide which keywords are worth bidding on to try get them and get that traffic instead of letting your competitor get the traffic first.

The program will also show you if the person is a Clickbank affiliate. This means they´re selling an information product through Clickbank, which allows others to sell that information for them and receive commissions.

If you´re trying to maximum the results of your pay per click campaign, then a great keyword tool like PPC Web Spy can help you.

Sign Up for your Free Copy NOW – There are only a limited number of copies aviable!

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Increase Traffic with optimized Headlines!

I was a little busy in the last week but now I finally have a little bit time, so I decided to write this Blog post about a free but very interesting marketing tool I found a few day´s ago.

While I was searching for some interesting Blogs to comment on, I stumbled upon this “Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer”.

This tool analyzes your Headlines (I tried it for Adwords Ads and it´s very useful too). It´s very simple to use, just copy and past your headline in the form (No more than 20 words) and click on the Link ” Submit for Analyzes“.

A new page wil load with the result of your analyzes in form of a “EVM Score” (stands for: Emotional marketing Value), this is the percentage of the used emotional trigger words you used in your headline.

The english Language contains something about 20% of these words, and a very good copywriter uses up to 75% in his Headline! So you can compare your result!
But thats not all, this tool will give you a little “profile” about your ad and the customers you will attract with it or whitch kind of trigger you use with your Headline.

To learn more about it, Just Try It, its completely free and requires no Sign up or registration, Just Copy, Past and Click! Go to: Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

I hope this helps you to optimize your Blogging, Marketing or Advertising results!Technorati-Tags: , , ,

Traffic Generation101, Best Traffic Training!

Have you put all your time into designing your website – only to have ‘YOU’ being the only visitor to your site?

Are you continueous refreshing your traffic stats, hoping that SOMEONE – ANYONE would come and see what you have been working tirelessly on.

The simple truth is that it doesn’t matter how professional your site is – if you don’t have the traffic – nothing else makes a different!

There are many tactics you can use to generate traffic to your site, many of them work very well but you have to know how to do it to get the most out of them!

In this post I will show you a very nice place to get all the knowlege about traffic generation you need to know! All organized in tutorials, easy to understand! Just complete one step after the other to build a steady stream of traffic to your site!

You don¥t need any experience with online marketing or traffic generation at all! On the other hand, this site will show you a lot very unknown tactics
to increase the amount of visitors, your site will receive!

I was able to double my site traffic just by completing the first training module out of       .

Here are some of the tactics revealed in Traffic Generation 101!

Article Marketing
Blog Traffic
Craiglist Advertising
Email Marketing
Forum Marketing
Integration Marketing
Pay Per Click (Adwords)
Traffic Exchange
Search Engine Optimisation
Social Networking
Social Bookmarking
YouTube Video Marketing

A very nice feature is some kind of reward for every completed traffic trainings module!

Before I became a member of Traffic Generation 101, I tried many other traffic coaching programs, with out great results! So I can highly recommend to take a look at Traffic Generation 101!

Build a steady stream of traffic to your site NOW!!

Get your Free Blogtraffic report! Revealing the top ten ways to drive traffic to your blog!