Backlink Energizer – Getting Your backlinks Indexed!

Backlink Indexing is a great way to improve the effectiveness of your backlink
building efforts.  Whether you use Articles, profiles, blogging, guest blogging
or other backlink building strategies.  Taking steps to get Google to find your
links willgreatly increase your link eforts value.

It’s one thing to go out and build or hire an outsourcer to build 100’s, even
1,000’s of backlinks to your money sites and important traffic pages.  Nowdays
that’s a rather trivial exercise – time or money solves the issue and there’s a
lot of quality resources.  It’s quite another issue altogether to get maximum
value from those backlinks.  Take for instance, profile backlinks [ which are
all the rage right now ] – how many of those, if left alone after being created,
will ever find their way into Google’s index?  If Google never crawls them and
indexes them, how are we to get credit for them?  One case study I saw
reently – illustrated a 250% increase in links indexed by Google by taking
matters in your own hands vs. waiting for Google bot to get around to finding
them – naturally.

The whole concept – based on all the current tools on the market, is to build
backlinks to your backlinks on high trafficked web 2.0 sites.

I tried improving my odds with the Google bot and big G’s index using a couple
of the leading tools on the market.  Some aspects I liked – other aspects not
so much.  Some systems relied on web 2 gatekeeper sites like Posterous or to cross post identical content across a dozen web 2.0 sites.  Problem
is – if the gatekeeper site gets wind of it – they’re likely to shut it all off.
In fact they’ve been trying to do just that.

One of the other issues was … having to sort out, and install a PHP script on
my hosted server.  What if I want to build a rather large network of indexing
sites?  All going to come off the same IP?  Easy footprint for web 2.0 admins
to track down as the source.  So to distance my linking efforts from my money
site IP’s – I’ll need a 2nd hosting account on top of the cost of the application.
Not to mention the challenges that come with maintaining a server side PHP script.

Another system I looked into was using web 2.0 sites and rss feeds of backlinks,
and then shortened urls.  I wasn’t sure how post after post of shortned urls on
web 2.0 sites was going to last for very long.  I suspected those sites using it
agressively would meet certain moderator death.  Another issue was … will 20
posts a day of nothing but short urls be reliable bait for Google bot to keep
coming back – daily?  I had already wasted enough time – I didn’t feel like
taking another flyer on what I determined to be questionable SEO and indexation
tactics right from the start.

Fortunately, a friend turned me onto one of the coolest WordPress Plugins I’ve
ever used. Backlink Energizer. The guys over at Backlink Goldmine developed it.
I guess this Andy Fletcher guy is a wizard with PHP and WordPress – and he
whipped up this SEO plugin to make it as easy as possible for the “non tekkie”
marketer to get rapid results.  They buried a bunch of the techno mumbo jumbo
into the WordPress publishing engine – and made it Copy N Paste easy!

All I had to do was take one of my WordPress blogs and install the plug in.
From there it was as easy as making a post or page in the WordPress interface.
I pasted a text file list of all my backlinks I wanted to get indexed.  A few
RSS Feeds they supplied, and I made a list of keywords to use for the links back
to my backlinks.  From there I needed to fill in my FREE Web 2.0 blog sites like
Vox – Posterous – – Blogger – Multiply – LiveJournal – TypePad Micro,
and a WordPress blog I hosted myself.  I’d say the whole thing took me less
than 1 hr.  I think my next install will be only 15-20 minutes though, as I now
know exactly what to expect.  It really was straightforward and simple – there
are just a lot of username – password details to enter.  By far the easiest
system for backlink indexation I’ve seen.  If my results are only have as good
as their case study … I will be more than pleased at this economical price
point and ease of use.

I will be reporting more on indexed link numbers shortly.

You can go have a look at their Backlink Energizer Case Study where they
tested 300 backlinks – 150 got Energized, 150 did not.  The results from the
Energized group were astounding.  To learn more about the Backlink Energizer Plug In, read my complete review at : Backlink Energizer Discount and Review

Web Traffic Genius – Automated RSS Submission Script

Do you know the power of RSS feeds when it comes to build more website traffic to your site or blog?

RSS feeds can easily be used to build massive amounts of backlinks and targeted traffic to your website, but you need a lot of time to create and submit your RSS feed to as many directories as possible!

And here the Webtraffic Genius RSS Submitter comes into play :

First of all I have to make clear that this tool isn´t a desktop application, instead it is a script to install on your own servers or webspace or alternatively a WordPress Plug-In. You get a “Unlimited Domain” Lizence with your purchase, so you can install the Webtraffic Genius RSS Script as often as you wish!

Here are some more information about this rss submission software :

  • can be used on multible websites or blogs
  • easy installation and usage
  • includes premium updates
  • minimized footprints by using different accounts
  • brings you targeted traffic on autopilot

Basically, this software creates a new RSS feed for every post you publish and submits them to a lot of RSS directories, with absolutly no work on your site!

Learn More About The Web Traffic Genius

P.s. :  I recently testing this tool on my own – keep up with this blog to learn more about my results!

Two Main Reasons Why Most People Never Make a Full-Time Income Online…

It all starts when some well-meaning (yet misdirected) person encourages a budding internet entrepreneur to “start in a niche they know alot about”, or base their business around “something they’re passionate about”…

As horrible as it may sound – they’ve unknowingly sent the hopeful entrepreneur down a path of false expectations, poor results and eventually – failure. In fact, the myth of “do what you love and the money will follow” has been responsible for more failure than likely any other influence – perhaps even more so than laziness or a lack of perseverance.

Because the simple truth of the matter is that the only way you’re going to make real money on the net is if your business is based around two crucial things:

1) Large Demand

2) Buyers

In other words – you aren’t going to get rich selling a $15 ebook about growing square watermelons – even though that might be a great passion of yours.

The demand just isn’t there. Maybe there’s a few searches a day on Google for the topic, and perhaps there’s some interest in the online “gardening enthusiast” communities – but you’d be hard-pressed to make even a few hundred dollars a month from ebook sales.

Similarly, you also aren’t going to have a particularly easy time getting rich by building websites about some seemingly “popular” topics like humor, jokes, funny pictures and so on. And while there are a few ways to “monetize” your site (with AdSense, CPA Offers, CPM Banners, etc.), it takes literally millions of website visitors to make even just a few thousand dollars in markets like that.

The demand is huge – but the visitor value is extremely low…

Instead, if you want to make it big online – pulling down an impressive six-figure income – you need to tap into markets with tons of demand, where the majority of the visitors are valuable.

You need to capture tons of traffic that wants to buy something. If you take this approach, you’d practically have to hijack your own order links (or affiliate links) not to make a sizeable income.

In fact – did you know that some affiliates make several thousand dollars daily just by promoting a single product in hot markets? (Just imagine what the merchant is making…)

In some markets there’s actually so much demand that the vendors are quite literally selling over a thousand units – or more – per day. Digital products, with practically zero overhead/delivery cost.

But it all comes back to tapping into valuable demand. In most cases, it takes no extra effort or “skill” to market to a valuable market than it does to struggle along with something you’re passionate about.

These two factorsdemand and buying traffic – are what seperate the “wannabe” marketers from the millionaires. Because there’s no real secret – you just need to sell what thousands of people are already buying.

The ball is now officially in your court. Are you tapping into markets with massive, valuable demand?

Or are you struggling to simply make a few dollars occasionally with a business that’s based on your own passionate interests?

Chris Rempel, author of “Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate“, reveals 5 of his most effective traffic strategies and niche-targeting tactics in full detail at The Lazy Affiliate!

The Power Of Autoresponders

If you own an Internet marketing or online business, you´ve probably grown tired of answering the never ending amount of email you get on a daily basis.  Most companies get hundreds of emails a day, many of which are questions from clients and potential customers.  If youíve grown tired of answering email ñ you should look into an autoresponder and discover how it can work for you and save you a lot of precious time.

When someone sends out an email, they expect to get an instant reply.  Although you can meet this demand with some emails, it can be very hard to send an email to over 100 people ñ especially when you have hundreds of other things to do with your day.  You can always hire additional staff to answer emails, or work longer hours yourself.  These options may be good for some ñ although many decide to use the power of an autoresponder instead.

As most of us already know, emails are very important with business. They give us a way to communicate with others on the Internet, sending messages in a matter of seconds.  Emails are also an ideal way for visitors to give you feedback on your products, website, and other concerns free of charge.  Through the use of an autoresponder, you can quickly answer emails and reply to hundreds of emails without lifting a finger.

What many fail to realize is the fact that autoresponders have many other uses than just answering emails.  They also give you the opportunity to email potential customers and clients about future products, special offers, free samples, and anything else you feel would be important to your visitors.  You can also offer advice and tips to affiliates as well, helping them to sell your products and services.  On top of this, autoresponders are also a great way to build trust and a working relationship with your visitors and customers.

You can find autoresponders in several different formats, including programs that run through your email, scripts that operate through your website server and third party programs that are hosted by autoresponder services and providers.  There are companies that will offer you free autoresponders, although you may want to look at the features before you decide to try one out.  Although free is good ñ there are normally downsides to free programs that you wonít have to worry about if you purchase one.

When you load up your autoresponder with content, you can make the material long or short, although you should make sure that your readers can follow along and keep up with the material you´re sending.  When a potential buyer or current customer signs up on your list, you should always let them know what it is that they are signing up for.

When you sent out your first email, it should be a welcome email to first time subscribers, letting them know what they can expect to receive from you in the future.  This way, customers will anticipate your emails.  If you give them high expectations, they will anticipate your emails.  You should always make your messages enticing, letting readers know that you are offering them great content with your autoresponder for the best price of all free.

Email is one of the best tools you can have with marketing and business, although autoresponders have the power to take emailing to an entirely new level.  Through the use of an autoresponder, you can instantly contact hundreds of thousands of customers, as many times as you wish, with the click of a button.  You can learn many things about your autoresponder ñ all you have to do is play around with it and let your creativity take over.

Learn more about the real power of your autoresponder, read my Autoresponder Code review to learn more about this Top Email Marketing Course, designed by Tim Bekker, or visit my Free Marketing Download Blog to get your Free Email Marketing report!

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The Autoresponder Code

The Autoresponder Code – A first review!

Are you looking for more detailed information about Tim Bekkers new product, the Autoresponder Code?
Take a close look at my detailed Autoresponder Code review and find out more about this top notch email marketing course.  As a proud member of Tim Bekkers development team I was able to get my hands on a test version of his brand new Autoresponder Code, so read on to let me tell you what I am thinking about it :

Tim Bekker, or maybe better known as K.K.Marbel, is a experienced online marketer and has released several highly successful products, like the Stupid Simple System or the Whitehat Copycat Blueprint, for example! (I got both products on my own and they are defenitively worse their cost)

The Autoresponder Code mainly focuses on a completely unknown part of email marketing and the usage of autoresponders in your marketing campaign, and not like nearly all other email marketing products out there on “How to build your list” or “How to get more traffic to your lead capture page” or something like that.

Instead he offers simple tricks and techniques you can instantly use to :

  • – build a strong and positive relationship to your opt in list subscriber
  • – personalize your websites for your subscribers
  • – increase your squeeze page conversion rate massively
  • – increase your confirmation rate
  • – build your own affiliate program just by using your autoresponder

Tim reveals very, very effective but easy to use techniques you can use in several different way´s to increase your online marketing success and to get more out of your list!

Attention : If you are using email marketing techniques in your marketing campaign I highly recommend to implement these techniques into your marketing campaign, this will surely increase your results and profits!

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The Autoresponder Code by Tim Bekker goes In Prelaunch

Just a very short post!

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Tis is no email marketing course you may have read allready, it´s more a collection of nearly unknown email marketing techniques you can use to increase conversions, build a strong releationship and much more. (Even how to use your autoresponder to run your own affiliate program!).

I can´t tell you much more at the moment, but be sure it will be full of high valuable and nearly unique information!

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Push Button Marketing Does It Work?

Welcome to my Push Button Marketing review!

I am so happy that I gave business automation software a try! There is nothing like it on the market in the area of online marketing automation. Wise consumers don’t purchase anything until they have done their own homework about it.

Reviews about products including Push Button Marketing Automation will help you to see the many benefits to be gained. The market for online marketing automation means you have plenty of options regarding what you purchase. However, you definitely want to give Push Button Marketing Automation some attention as it is one of the best you will find.

Save money as well as get more for your investment when you buy business automation software. The goal of the support services for Push Button Marketing Automation is to help you gain all the benefits from this product. You won’t be disappointed with what they have to offer you. While you may need to contact support about Push Button Marketing Automation for various reasons, it won’t be due to the product not working.

This is one of the best items I have every spent my hard earned money on. Pay close attention to what Push Button Marketing Automation tells you that the benefits are. That way you can feel really good about buying and once you see for yourself that those benefits are real. No other business automation software that I have seen offers the same great value. Don’t be skeptical of purchasing business automation software because if you aren’t happy with it they will give you all the money you paid for it.

Challenging products in the field of online marketing automation isn’t my style but for someone that enjoys it I have a great product to recommend to you. business automation software does offer lots of value if you are able to learn how to make it work for you.

Too many consumers make a mistake of listening only to the advertisers. When you are looking for a great business automation software then you need to pay attention to the facts. Push Button Marketing Automation is what you need to be focusing your attention on. I hate to waste money and that is why I am careful about what I purchase. It is for this reason that I have told you my story about it. I hope you will see the real value here and buy it as well.

There is no question that this link is where you should be going.

Push Button Marketing 50% Discounted Offer

The fact that you have read my review about online marketing automation means you aren’t going to end up buying things that aren’t going to help you succeed. This isn’t by any means all that I will have to offer so I look forward to providing more details later.

Attention : I just got my hands on this software a few day´s ago, so I will need some more time to test the Push Button Marketing System completely! I just tried about 5 macros out of approx. 300+, and there are way´s to create your own, so you see it takes some time to explore the full power of this software tool!
Yes, you can automate nearly anything you can imagine on your pc!