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Best List Building Plug In – Digi list Builder

This is my Digi List Builder plug in user review!

You can use te links below to visit :

The Digi List Builder WordPress plugin is developed by Andy Fletcher with the goal to offer a easy to use solution to integrate your opt in forms into your WordPress blog in a professional looking way!

Here are some of the main features making the Digi List Builder to one of the top list building plugins for wordpress :

  • Easy to install and set up, so even a complete newbie should be able to instal this plug in!
  • Works with any autoresponder service!
  • Three different ways to present your opt in to your visitor!
  • Upload your own grafics to make it stand out!
  • much more…..and even more comming soon….

The Digi list Builder is by now the third product I bought and tested from Andy, and I´m completely satisfied with each of them, but even in the case you don´t like it, or it dosn´t fit your needs, is there a 60% moneyback gurantee with every purchase, so there is absolutly no risk for those interested in building a huge opt in list easily!

Get Your Discount Now

P.s : Andy offers a limited 70 % discount for the Digi List Builder, so make sure to get it now before the price will go up!

New Contest Started at NoviceBloggers!

NoviceBloggers started a new Top Commentators Contest until the end of Jan. 2010!

The two commentors with the most comments will win a 125 x 125 Adspot in the Sidebar of NoviceBloggers.

The blog covers mainly all about successful Blogging, SEO and other related topics, so join the conversation to win your Ad Spot!

This Blog supports commentluv and dofollow links, so even for those who don´t win, it´s definitively worse the time to visit and comment on this Blog!

Start Commenting Now!

Good Luck to all joining this Contest!

Free Traffic System! Increase your one way backlinks!

About a year ago, the  Free Traffic System has started the testing period of its new search engine optimization tactics of getting 1st page in the major search engines for the niche keywords.

For the testings, a group of volunteers – owners of webpages in several niches – was gathered to test the new SEO tactic offered by the Free Traffic System service. This testing team was built of webmasters without any SEO experience who had webpages in the niches of: health, business management, investments, loans, travelling, vacations, self development, computer games, gambling, arts, etc.

The aim of the test phase was to discover how people without search engine optimization knowledge, by using a simple system offered my Free Traffic System, can become  1st page in Google and other search engines.

After about 2-9 weeks these webpages went to the 1st page in Google which is interpreted by Free Traffic System as a very well working strategy to boost your SEO rank without much work for you. Visit the official website of the Free Traffic System project to discover how it works.

Having checked the effect from its strategy on the testing team, Free Traffic System has officially announced the launch of its free service.

Everybody can sign up for the free membership which gives webmasters access to the unlimited amount of quality one way backlinks. These one way links help webmasters to increase SEO value of their websites and get a good ranking in search engines.

For more informations about this system, success stories and how to join please visit the Free Traffic System homepage or download this PDF report about The Free Traffic System!