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VOXFlair Contest : Win a HD Camera or your prof. produced marketing video!

Here is just another great contest I found today!

VOXFlair.com is a membership site providing audio recordings to boost website convertions or produce sales videos and so on…

This Service is now in Pre-Launch (until tomorrow) and practicipates a  Opening Contest with some real great prizes to win! Here are the top 3 :

  1. Complete Custom Sales Video!

In order to take part at this contest, you need to join the PreLaunch of VOXFLAIR , after that you need to earn points by Tweeting, Bookmarking and commenting!

P.s. VOxFlair makes it real easy to use audio for your marketing or to produce your videos, so be sure to get in in prelaunch for FREE!

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Great Blog Contest – Prices worth 6000 $ – Join before it Ends!

I just found an amazing Blog Contest with complete prices worth 6.000$! (See Below for more Details) at the sagarrai.com Blog!

It´s real simple to join the contest, just subscribe per e-mail to their Blog Feed – Than blog about their contest (like I do it now) and tweet their contest. After that you just need to post a comment on their post and let them know what you did. They will use a randomizer to draw the winner in this contest! Good Luck!

Here are the Prices in more detail :

1. 10 WooThemes Premium Themes. Each Theme Worth $100.
2. 10 Template Monster Premium Template Package Each Template Worth $60 – $80
3. 34 Premium Logos for your Blog/Site by Me Worth $15 each.
4. Twitter Background Pack : Add to your Twitter Background website with over 200+ Twitter Backgrounds in this pack! This is Worth $60. Demo Link | Read More
5. 5000 EntreCards For Entrecard Users.
6. Photoshop Premium Elegant Fonts 600+ collections Worth $200
7. 2 Adspot (125×125) for 1 month on www.premiumwpthemes.in & www.sagarrai.com.

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New Contest Started at NoviceBloggers!

NoviceBloggers started a new Top Commentators Contest until the end of Jan. 2010!

The two commentors with the most comments will win a 125 x 125 Adspot in the Sidebar of NoviceBloggers.

The blog covers mainly all about successful Blogging, SEO and other related topics, so join the conversation to win your Ad Spot!

This Blog supports commentluv and dofollow links, so even for those who don´t win, it´s definitively worse the time to visit and comment on this Blog!

Start Commenting Now!

Good Luck to all joining this Contest!

Commenting Idol 2 – Hurry up To win up to 180 $ and lot´s of Valuable Prices!

I just found a real interesting contest a few minutes ago – It´s called “Commenting Idol 2” and it ends at the first january! But don´t worry, you got several options to win this contest – so you still have a chance to win!

So here are the

Prizes To Be Given Away

Top Commentator Prizes

No.1 in Top Commentators will get:

No.2 in Top Commentators will get:

No.3 in Top Commentators will get:

No.4 in Top Commentators will get:

No.5 in Top Commentators will get:

Best Commentator – Bonus Prize

Best Promoter – Bonus Prize

If you are interested in joining this Contest, go to:

Commenting Idol 2