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Whitehat Copycat Blueprint – A first review of the Copycat!

Are you searching for a way to make money out of the internet? Read this Review and your search will have an end!!

There are tons of make money  systems online, but nearly all of them are not keeping their promise Here is a complete look at the Whitehat Copycat, developed by Tim Bekker!

The the Copycat Site Blueprint Concept!

Tim Bekker knows : Here are the Factors making a make money systems almost perfect:

1. Setting up the whole System should be free or at a low cost

2. it must be easy to understand and easy to set up!

3. it must be risk free!

Well, Tim and his team are working now for quite some time on exactly such a system, maybe not absolutely perfect, but there is not much missing!

He offers not just a Report or a Video Course, but he putted together a whole system ready to get started, without the need to do boring niche and product research or web design.

The System Tim teaches in his Whitehat Copycat Blueprint uses so called Copycat Websites to generate an set and forget income.

What are Copycat Mini Sites?

With Whitehat Copycat Websites Tim attracts a lot of traffic by offering a Free Download, one thing you will discover in the Whitehat Copycat Blueprint is how to monetize these web Sites with a smart ad placement and design!

What´s in the members area of the Copycat Site Blueprint?

After purchasing the Copycat Site Blueprint you get direct access to the following resources:

1. Templates : perfectly optimized and tested Copycat Sites templates

2. Copycat Blueprint : The entire system explained.

3. Niche Blueprint : Niche Research completely done for you!

4. Product Blueprint : Best Converting Products and Offers, already tested for you!

5. Whitehat Copycat web Sites Blueprint : Explains how to set up your Copycat Mini Sites!

6. Download page Blueprint : How to setup your download pages!Explains how to set up the download pages.

7. Traffic Blueprint : Explains the secret tactics he uses to bring his Whitehat Copycat web Sites on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing!

This System is designed to make you money, but you have to take action in order to be successful. Don´t expect to become rich over night, the traffic strategy exposed in the Traffic Blueprint will take up to 30 day´s until it brings real traffic!

You can download your Free Copycat Report, or visit my detailed Whitehat Copycat Review!

Whitehat Copycat Starts Prelaunch today – Download your Free Copycat Report!

Yesterday I wrote the first post about a amazing new System called “Whitehat Copycat”, it works a little different to the most other onlline marketing systems, but it works very well.

Now, today the prelaunch phase has started, and it´s time for all interested in this System to download your Free Copycat Blueprint (Click Here to get it), and wide more important to secure your special 40% launch discount!)

Here are some of the topics are covered in this Bluepirnt :

1. The Concept behind the Copycat system!

2. What are Copycat Sites

3. Which niches are Profitable with these Methodes

4. Very Important : Where comes the Traffic From!

It´s free to download, just by

Clicking Here!

P.S. I´m offering some Extra Bonuses for Purchasing Whitehat Copyhat when it has launched, so be sure to read my Review and Bonus offer : Whitehat Copycat review!

WhiteHat Copycat Sites – A new earning model?

Two day´s ago, I got an e-mail from Tim Bekker (SuperSimpleSystem), sending me an invitation to his beta-version of his Whitehat Copycat Blueprint.

Tim Bekker is now working for 7 Years as online marketer and he really knows what he is talking about.

Well, back to the Copycat Blueprint. I cant Say too much it´s “top secret” and will pre-launch tomorow, but here is what I can tell you :

Instead of targeting a small group of motivated buyers, to offer affiliate products, Tim uses so called Copycat sites to attract a high amount of traffic with something for free, a game, software or something else to download, without any profit for him, but he uses highly optimized advertising techniques to make these kind of sites highly profitable!

He attracts Traffic, just to redirect it!

I made a review site you can visit to learn more, but remember, Prelaunch starts on the 19 January :

To learn more about the Copycat Site concept, I highly recommend to download your free Whitehat Copycat Report :

Click Here!