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Arbitage is the name for this kind of business, this means making profit by buying for one (low) price and selling product for a higher price in no or a very short time! All great banks use this methode to make very huge profits every day!

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Boss Buster Tutorial Review

Welcome to my Blog, I just want to tell you something about a brand new affiliate programm (TheBossBuster) I found today! It´s still before prelaunch so this is the chance for you to earn a very huge amount of money.
This product was tested for the “moneymaking niche” and sells like crazy, it´s also tested for some other niches like personel development with good results!
Here are some of the points, making this affiliate programm to a very very great oppertunity for all affiliate marketers:

Reason #1: It sells like crazy!

The author tested this product in the personal development niche, if your niche is the money making/work from home niche, you will get even better results! Here are some facts:
The tested price for this product was 197$, you can earn 50% commissions!
The landing page had a opt-in rate of 50% and the sales page a convertion rate of 7.5% (!), the test affiliates made about 2.07 per visitor(!) in the test phase!

Reason #2: promote different products at one time!
The test phase was run without any down or up-sells, now the owner integrated
8 up, down and cross-sells, each with 50% commissions for you, so there is a lot more money to earn for you! (The highest commision is 50% out of 8.000$)

Reason #3: Your Audience Will Love You!
All you have to do to promote the product is to send people to high quality free videos, full of useful information.

Reason #4: Earn recurring commissions!
Some of the commisions are paid per month, so you easily could generate a recurring income stream!

Reason #5: Build your own list
If you have quality content, there is the option for you to submitt the url and the owner of this product will drive traffic to you!!

Reason #6: Pearsonel live support!
As a affiliate, you get the full contact details of the owner! You can¥t gt better support!

Reason #7: Many contest for the affiliates!
Win a 50 inch plasma TV for example, or win an iPhone!

This are only 7 reasons to join this affiliate program, there are 8 more, if you want to learn more about this oppertunity, visit the affiliate signup page
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Adword Miracle with huge bonuses! Product review!

Adwords Miracle is a fast action bonus at Mass PPV Traffic.
Welcome to my adword miracle product review! This product was first released in 2007, but now (2009)  it´s back again, fresh updated and with a great amount of bonuses, so let us see what it contains and what you will discover with this hot product!
The Adword Miracle is a huge 200 page adwords compendium that comes with 50 minutes of highly informativ videos!
Here are some points you will discover:
  • 5 Step Guide to turn your Websites into an AdWord goldmines
  • the inside tricks google will never talk about
  • the #1 mistake 95% of all affilates make by using adwords
  • a surefire way to force your visitors to click your ads
  • all about starting adwords campaigns without using much money
  • learn several underground tactics
  • the easiest ways to find highly profitable niches and products
This are only a part of the information you will discover in the first section!!
The second section is a limited time bonus which covers every specialized area of adwords from affilate marketing and adwords for google cash users and much more…..
Here are some includet topics and subsections:
  • affilate guide to adwords
  • Google cash guide
  • the simplest methode to earn a passive 100$/Day
  • all you need to know about keyword research
  • which ad position makes the most money
  • adwords for dummies
  • The most commen mistakes made by adword users
This are only a few topic this product reveals to you! But there are some awaresome bonuses too!
First bonus:
Adwords Miracle Hyper Advanced Techniques supplement!
Learn things like how to mask your affilate links and how to use dynamic keyword insertion! This bonus also includes the five most profitable niches and the same ad¥s the author used to get maximum clickthue rates for any keyword, just use the ready to go ad´s with your keywords! Could it be easier??
Bonus #2 – How to locate red-hot, underexposed products to promote as an Affiliate, Manual and training video package (PDF and live Video)
If you are a affilate from clickbank, this is for you! Discover the patentedmiracle methodes the author used to get 1.000 in returns on his adwords clicks just by locating the highest converting products with minimal competition! Learn why more than 90% of affilates fail and how to avoid the same mistakes and discover the unrevealed “rising star” technique to find products that become huge before they are huge, you won´t find this technique anywhere else so this is your only chance to know the secret behind it! You will learn some other tricks to find high profitable products to cash in!
Bonus #3 – How to cheaply and quickly build a massive opt-in list using Google Adwords,
This bonus reveals secret tactics to build a massive opt in list with google adwords without interfering with your short time sales! Learn the 3 best methodes to build your list in any niche, and learn which one will work best for you! And to optimize your results, the two advanced techniques worked best to rise your convertion rate over 40%!
Bonus #4 Free lifetime updates
Google likes to change the rules of the game from time to time, this bonus guarantees you to be up to date! This contains free videos and PDFs for your lifetime! (This might be the most valueable bunus in this package)
Bonus #5 watch how to create competition killing ads in real time
Watch this real time video containing all the knowlege to create competion killing ads in just minutes! Think about all the time you save!
So you see, this is a real ever growing monster pack of information to “take control” over google adwords! Some online marketers woulde easily chage 397$ for this kind of information but this will cost you only 97$ (limited time offer), and I¥m not at the end! Here are your fast action bonuses….
first extra bonus:
A personal, fully optimized landing page to make money from affiliate products and Adsense!
I mean not these ready made “money making” sites you get everywhere for free, I´m talking about your own developt personal landing page, optimized for you to start making cash instantly! To say it clear: Your site will be created by a design company for you! A webdesigner could easily charge several hundret dollars from you for a page like this!
(strictly limited)
Second extra bonus
Affilate trainings video
In this video you learn all you have to now about affilate marketing with adwords! This video covers every methode you can use to promote your affilate products, 30 minutes pure information!
The real value of this package is easily 1297$ and more! You can get access to this adwords compendium right know! Don¥t wait to long, all the bonuses are time limited and I don¥t know how long this offer remains! It¥s totally risk free for you, you get a full 56 day guarantee, if you don¥t crack the 300$ per day level, you get your full money back, what could you loose?

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Email Marketing: Affordable Internet Marketing Technique

Email marketing is labeled as a killer method when it comes to effective low-cost Internet marketing endeavors. This is because it is the most widely-used and has the best reputation in bringing targeted traffic to websites. It is used to stay in touch with your customers or prospective customers, send out invitations, or make special offers.

It’s as easy as writing an e-mail that may be in a form of a newsletter or a plain announcement, and sending that to as many targeted recipients as possible. However, there’s an ideal way of going about it. Email marketing is not just about writing any email that you will be sending to anybody. To clarify that, here are some simple tips in doing email marketing the best way possible.

1. Join the “Can Spam” campaign.

Email marketing is not at any rate tantamount to spamming. You are not supposed to send information that your email list will not have any valuable use for.

2. Make your email list open it.

Your email might get lost together with the hundreds of emails that inbox owners are confronted with everyday. Improve your subject line by using extra white space creatively, adding text symbols, starting each word with a capital letter, asking compelling questions, not making any unbelievable claims, and not using the word FREE.

3. Keep it real.

Not including any too good to be true statements is not only applicable to your subject line. Your email content must never embody any promise your business can’t keep. Make your offer genuinely of value to your recipients.

4. Don’t go too low.

If you inform your customers regarding discounts, minimal discounts are not that effective compared with substantial discounts. But never offer discounts that are lower than your profit. It will defeat the purpose of this email marketing effort.

5. Make it eventful.

It’s not about contradicting the advice that you should keep an email short and sweet. This tip is on including seminars, conferences and other events in your email. Businesses that require training benefit much from this method. With these RSVP-requiring emails, repetition is important. Just make sure that an ample interval is considered before sending out a reminder email.

6. Post news.

Sending newsletters and postcards provides useful information for your subscribers. These are the best forms of reaching out to your customers or prospects. You should keep the information short, simple and direct to the point for this feat to be effective.

With these simple ways of going about your email marketing endeavor, your business will prosper in no time.

Here are some nice tools I use to build my e-mail List!

I use Unselfish Autoresponder to build my list!
Create up to 100 autoresponder for about 9$ per month! You can use UM-Autoresponders to create your own RSS feed with a few clicks of your mouse!

If you use Unselfish Tell a Friend script to drive traffic to your website, there is a feature to add the e-mail addresses to your mailing list on autopilot!

Another great way to build a huge opt-in list is to manage a Give-Away-Event on your own, you don´t know how?
Check out this Give-Away-Event-Manager!

ConversionNinja: a great tool to boost your opt-in conversion rate! I can offer you here a Backdoor 30% discount for using this link to order! Don´t Share this Link with anyone else!