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Make money with adsense revenue sharing!

Adsense revenue sharing allows you to earn money from adsense without even running your own website! Here is how it works:

You drive traffic to a website and earn a part of the adsense revenue your traffic generates on this site, or you create the content and earn some of the adsense profits! Here are the best of this sites I use:

Software Download Center: This site offers you more than 50.000 software products for free, just drive some traffic to this site to start earning!

HowHub: This is a Article directory exspecalty for “How To” articles, here you can earn up to 100% adsense revenue!

HubPages: Here you can create so called Hub Pages, a simple form of web pages (advanced articles)! HubPages shares not only adsnse earnings with you but also e-bay, amazon and kontera earnings!

Flixya: This is a media sharing site with a blog feature! Just share your videos, photos and write a blog to earn some cash with adsense!

So you see there is absolutly no need for your own website to earn money with adsense! It works quite good!