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Tim Bekkers Autoresponder Code – Launch Discount!

Tim Bekker offers an amazing Launch Discount for his new product “The Autoresponder Code” (read more in my previous posts), you can get the complete content for just a small fee of 5 Dollars.

As I mentioned before is it full with high quality and concentrated content, all techniques are very simple to implement, but able to increase your profits massively!

To learn more about the product “The Autoresponder Code“, I highly recommend to read my Autoresponder Code review + Bonus!

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If you order today, I add some extra bonuses worse 297.00+ US$!

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The Autoresponder Code by Tim Bekker goes In Prelaunch

Just a very short post!

Tim Bekkers Autoresponder Code will go live soon, and there are some nice commissions you can earn as affiliate, but before I will tell you more about this oppertunity, I want to tell you something about the Autoresponder Code (I got a beta version as member of tims developer team) :

Tis is no email marketing course you may have read allready, it´s more a collection of nearly unknown email marketing techniques you can use to increase conversions, build a strong releationship and much more. (Even how to use your autoresponder to run your own affiliate program!).

I can´t tell you much more at the moment, but be sure it will be full of high valuable and nearly unique information!

Tim runs a 3 level affiliate system (Click Here To Sign Up as Affiliate), tracked over your clickbank hoplink. But the best of all, you get paid for Leads and Commissions!

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Autoresponder Code by Tim Bekker – Start to Promote NOW!

The Autoresponder Code by Tim Bekker will go in prelaunch at June the 8th. Here are the reasons why you should start to promote this autoresponder manifesto as soon as possible!

Tim uses the first 3-tier tracking system to track all lead´s and sales you generate for his autoresponder code! this means you get paid for every lead and every sale three levels deep, all tracked over your clickbank hoplink!

You will be paid 1.75 $ per lead in the first level, 0.35 in the second and 0.10 in the third.

Tim is a great email marketer and he really knows how to build a responsive list and how to make money with. He will show you a lot very interesting and powerful but widely unknown strategies and tricks you can use to build a responsive list of subscribers, just waiting for your emails to hit their inbox. (I know it, I am such a subscriber)

I will post additional informations on this topic in a few weeks, just be sure to become an affiliate for Tims autoresponder code and start making money three levels deep!

The Aweber Code, new Email Marketing Report by Tim!

The Aweber Code is launching soon (15.02) but there is an interessting fact I think you may like to know about this, Tim Bekker offers some real great bonuses for his affiliates!

Beside the normal Clickbank Commission System, Tim set up a additional pay per lead program to reward his affiliates some more.

This means he pay´s an additional 1 – 2 $ per lead (performance based) or even 3$ for every JV partner signing up. Tim will pay these commissions via paypal.

Be sure to join this affiliate launch, even if you don´t want to promote this product you will learn a lot about launching your own successful product.

There are only a few informations about the Affiliate Code avaible at this moment, but Tim promises some real effective and unknown tactics to build your List with Aweber as fast as possible!

And if I take a look at the StupidSimpleSystem and Whitehat Copycat (I own both of them) I really sure he will keep his promise !

If you want to learn more, or sign up as affiliate, go to :

The Aweber Code