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Increase Traffic with optimized Headlines!

I was a little busy in the last week but now I finally have a little bit time, so I decided to write this Blog post about a free but very interesting marketing tool I found a few day´s ago.

While I was searching for some interesting Blogs to comment on, I stumbled upon this “Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer”.

This tool analyzes your Headlines (I tried it for Adwords Ads and it´s very useful too). It´s very simple to use, just copy and past your headline in the form (No more than 20 words) and click on the Link ” Submit for Analyzes“.

A new page wil load with the result of your analyzes in form of a “EVM Score” (stands for: Emotional marketing Value), this is the percentage of the used emotional trigger words you used in your headline.

The english Language contains something about 20% of these words, and a very good copywriter uses up to 75% in his Headline! So you can compare your result!
But thats not all, this tool will give you a little “profile” about your ad and the customers you will attract with it or whitch kind of trigger you use with your Headline.

To learn more about it, Just Try It, its completely free and requires no Sign up or registration, Just Copy, Past and Click! Go to: Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

I hope this helps you to optimize your Blogging, Marketing or Advertising results!Technorati-Tags: , , ,