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Best List Building Plug In – Digi list Builder

This is my Digi List Builder plug in user review!

You can use te links below to visit :

The Digi List Builder WordPress plugin is developed by Andy Fletcher with the goal to offer a easy to use solution to integrate your opt in forms into your WordPress blog in a professional looking way!

Here are some of the main features making the Digi List Builder to one of the top list building plugins for wordpress :

  • Easy to install and set up, so even a complete newbie should be able to instal this plug in!
  • Works with any autoresponder service!
  • Three different ways to present your opt in to your visitor!
  • Upload your own grafics to make it stand out!
  • much more…..and even more comming soon….

The Digi list Builder is by now the third product I bought and tested from Andy, and I´m completely satisfied with each of them, but even in the case you don´t like it, or it dosn´t fit your needs, is there a 60% moneyback gurantee with every purchase, so there is absolutly no risk for those interested in building a huge opt in list easily!

Get Your Discount Now

P.s : Andy offers a limited 70 % discount for the Digi List Builder, so make sure to get it now before the price will go up!

The Autoresponder Code by Tim Bekker goes In Prelaunch

Just a very short post!

Tim Bekkers Autoresponder Code will go live soon, and there are some nice commissions you can earn as affiliate, but before I will tell you more about this oppertunity, I want to tell you something about the Autoresponder Code (I got a beta version as member of tims developer team) :

Tis is no email marketing course you may have read allready, it´s more a collection of nearly unknown email marketing techniques you can use to increase conversions, build a strong releationship and much more. (Even how to use your autoresponder to run your own affiliate program!).

I can´t tell you much more at the moment, but be sure it will be full of high valuable and nearly unique information!

Tim runs a 3 level affiliate system (Click Here To Sign Up as Affiliate), tracked over your clickbank hoplink. But the best of all, you get paid for Leads and Commissions!

Be sure to Sign Up NOW

New Year Giveaway Event is Open For JV Partners!

The third “New Year Giveaway Event” has opened his doors fo JV partners, here is in short how it works:

– You can sign up as a Contributor or JV partner to give away a free gift in order to build your list


– you can sign up as member and you get free access to all the uploaded free gifts, if you opt in, of course!

Becourse there are many marketers involved in this New Year Giveaway, you can get a lot of subscriber for your opt-in list. You can even monetize your free product by using affiliate links in your e-book, for example.

This is the main idea behind this New Year Giveaway.

If you are building a email list, this is a great oppertunity to increase the size of your list for free and if you don´t already build an e-mail list, this is the right time to start.

–  build your list without the need of generate traffic
– use viral marketing to build your business of tomorrow (insert your link in your product)
– there are many interesting and valuable products for FREE (If you Upgrade you don´t even need to opt in)
– Brand your Name
– earn commissions by promotiing this giveaway

This giveaway Starts on 01.01 so you got some time to develop a product to build your list and start collecting leads.

I will post some more informations about getting the most out of this event in the next few day´s, but you should take a look youself on this FREE oppertunity…

Visit The New Year Giveaway Event!