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Using Pay Per Click Advertising to promote Clickbank products!

Pay Per Click is perhaps the most effective way to promote a Clickbank affiliate product possible. Sure, some people earn money writing articles. Sure, a couple of people earn some cash from SEO. However, by and large the affiliates that really make a lot of money through Clickbank do it through pay per click. What are the secrets to success? Read on to find out.

Secret #1 : Choose a High Converting, High Paying Product

Choose a product that has at least 20 points in its Gravity score. Donít test new products, especially when youíre spending money on targeted traffic.

A high amount of people are afraid of promoting products that are ´over saturated.´î The truth is that you can break into markets even if they´re ´saturated.´

However, as a beginner starting in the 20 – 50 Gravity range is a optimal place to start. Avoid the 150+ Gravity until you get more familiar with PPC.

Secret #2 : Find Original Angles

Trying to bid on terms like ´weight loss´ is financial suicide. However, what about bidding on ´Treadmills´ or ´Tips for Jogging?´

The idea is to try and find keywords which you can get on the first page for at under $.20 cents a click. In less competitive markets, you´ll be able to get tons of targeted through main keywords. Unfortunately, in more competitive markets you´ll have to get creative.

Write different ads for different angels. Look for people who´re looking for the same thing your product offers, but will likely type in a unconventional search terms.

Secret #3 : Tracking is important

One little known secret in pay per click affiliate marketing is that almost all winning campaigns start out as losing campaigns. If you spend $100 and make back only $60, that´s actually a winner.

From there, you optimize your ads and landing pages to continually rise your CTR and conversion rates. It might cost you $300 in the beginning, but after your initial testing youíll have a campaign that can make you hundreds of dollars a month on complete autopilot.

Every super affiliate tests their campaigns meticulously. Track everything on a keyword by keyword level. Use only one keyword per ad group. Write a unique ad for every keyword.

Secret #4 : Different pay per click Networks

The first place to start your testing is Google AdWords. Start out your testing with Google Only. That means no content network and no partner networks.

See how your traffic converts on Google only. Then if youíre profitable, expand to the partner network.

From there, mirror your campaigns over to Yahoo! Search Marketing and MSM Ad Center.

Only once youíve setup these campaigns should you experiment with content network. Content network comes last, because the traffic is least targeted and tends to convert the worst.

Summing Up

If you pick a product with a good conversion rate and a good payout, find unique angles to promote it from, meticulously track and test starting with AdWords expanding out, then chances are you have a very solid chance at building a great PCC campaign.

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6 Google Adwords Tips Just For You

While Adwords seems to be the only game in town for PPC marketing these days, it is just as easy to lose with Adwords as it is to win.  Here are some basic Google Adwords tips youíll want to follow as you venture out into the world of Adwords.

1. Avoid Broad Matching to begin with. Broad matching means that if you list a keyword like soda pop in your list of keywords, then your ad could appear any time a user searches for either soda or for pop as well as for soda pop.

You ad may also appear when they search for related terms, like seltzer water, or something else that may or may not connect to your site.

Expanded match is for experienced advertisers, those who are acquainted with negative keywords and focusing a campaign, and may be used by lazy advertisers who just donít want to take the time to really cull good keywords. If youíre neither of those, then forget the broad matching.

2. The next of the Google Adwords tips is to make use of the Dynamic Titles option. These are easy to do, donít add any cost to your ads, and are generally effective at gaining clicks and conversion. The exact phrase entered by the individual who initiated the search will be used as the title of your ad.

In order to utilize this feature, simply put {keyword:your backup title here}. This also saves you the trouble of coming up with a new title for each ad.

3. Use some global negatives to narrow searches.  For example, use ìFreeî as a negative search word if you have a product to sell, not give away. It seems a bit obvious, but if you do some sample searches, youíll discover that itís a real problem.

You can do this for other words that you donít want to waste an ad on. If you are trying broad matching, then youíll definitely want a long list of negative keywords.

4. Avoid using the  ìcontent targetingî and ìsearch networkî features until you are well acquainted with Google. If you donít know anything about a site, you probably wonít profit from it. Each varies widely on conversion rates and CTRs. If you ask for  Google Adwords tips, you will often hear the advice to avoid advanced features at first.

5. Don´t rely on the default positioning for ads. You want to try different positions for your ads and different keywords for different locations. You need to know where your ads work the best.

The only way to find out is to test the ads in different positions. Think about your return on investment needs (ROI) and test each ad to see in what position it is most effective.

You can also run tests with different ads. Rewrite your copy several times and see which version brings in not just the most clicks, but the highest ROI.

6. Perhaps the most useful of the Google Adwords tips here is to optimize the landing page for each keyword term. If youíre selling photographs, you should have a different landing page for ìflowersî and another for ´landscapes´ while still another for ìportraits,î

You don´t want to use your home page for the landing page for each search term unless it specifically deals with what youíre selling.

If you follow these Google Adwords tips, you´re likely to have more success with your Adwords campaign.

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