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Easy Video Player – State of the Art Video Marketing Tool?

I recently came accross a newly released Video Marketing Tool, called Easy Video Player. It seems to be a real useful tool to produce online marketing videos and, and this is the special feature catching my attention, offers the ability to embeed “Buy Now” Buttons and even Opt-In forms in your Videos.

Some of the other Features you can add to your Videos, created by Easy Video Player, are Viral Sharing options, Easy website publishing, Amazon S3 video hosting and much more :

Autoposting your Video to the Top Video Sharing websites

Easily create and Protect “Members Only” Videos

Special Launch Offer : Get a 30 Day Free Trial to the IM mastermind Club!

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Easy Video Player

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StumbleUpon for more traffic

Traffic is what all Internet Marketers are after.  Though to be more precise, we are after targeted traffic, not just any old traffic.  Targeted website traffic means they are interested in what we have to offer and are therefore more likely to buy, signup or otherwise participate in our website.

Many marketers spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours building traffic to their websites.  In some cases, the cost of targeted website traffic generation far exceeds the meagre income made from the site itself.

Aside from the usual traffic generation methods, there are other Web 2.0 techniques you can use to increase your traffic.

One site in particular stands out with its ability to generate vast amounts of traffic very quickly.

This site is Stumbleupon.com.  It is a site that has a great following and offers something for people who are bored at work or at home.  The basic premise is that you find a site you think is interesting (you Stumbled Upon it) and submit it to Stumbleupon.

Visitors to Stumbleupon can look through the sites other people have found.  They can vote to say they like a site, which gets it more views, or say they don’t like it, which gets them less views.

In many ways, Stumbleupon appeals to that voyeuristic, reality TV mindset.  People can see what other people are doing and vote – something which is becoming ingrained into out culture.

In order for your site to do well on Stumbleupon it must be the kind of site that people will want to pass on and recommend.  Sales letters don’t tend to do very well, but controversial or contrarian articles do.  Anything that is cute, funny or entertaining will do well.

This can be an article, a video, or anything of a similar ilk.  It must be something that has social appeal to your niche.  You may have to think about how you can spin your content in order to give it wide ranging appeal.  It can be done though, and will get you traffic.

You can Stumbleupon your site yourself, but it is better to get someone else to do the original Stumbleupon for you.  This could be a friend, family or an outsourcer.  They will need a set of space separated tags plus a description and to know which category you want it placed in.

Once it has been Stumbleuponed, you need to get other people to say they like it through the Stumbleupon website.  This will help to kickstart the viral effect.  If you can, put a link to Stumbleupon on your website to make it easy for your visitors to say they like it.

A well written article with wide social appeal can get thousands of visitors in a single day from Stumbleupon.  It is a very powerful site that you, as a marketer, must be using.  With the traffic potential from this site, you are missing out on valuable backlinks and massive amounts of traffic if you are not using it. For more advanced StumbleUpon and Digg tactics, I recommend Classifield Marketing Tactics!

Traffic Generation101, Best Traffic Training!

Have you put all your time into designing your website – only to have ‘YOU’ being the only visitor to your site?

Are you continueous refreshing your traffic stats, hoping that SOMEONE – ANYONE would come and see what you have been working tirelessly on.

The simple truth is that it doesn’t matter how professional your site is – if you don’t have the traffic – nothing else makes a different!

There are many tactics you can use to generate traffic to your site, many of them work very well but you have to know how to do it to get the most out of them!

In this post I will show you a very nice place to get all the knowlege about traffic generation you need to know! All organized in tutorials, easy to understand! Just complete one step after the other to build a steady stream of traffic to your site!

You don¥t need any experience with online marketing or traffic generation at all! On the other hand, this site will show you a lot very unknown tactics
to increase the amount of visitors, your site will receive!

I was able to double my site traffic just by completing the first training module out of       .

Here are some of the tactics revealed in Traffic Generation 101!

Article Marketing
Blog Traffic
Craiglist Advertising
Email Marketing
Forum Marketing
Integration Marketing
Pay Per Click (Adwords)
Traffic Exchange
Search Engine Optimisation
Social Networking
Social Bookmarking
YouTube Video Marketing

A very nice feature is some kind of reward for every completed traffic trainings module!

Before I became a member of Traffic Generation 101, I tried many other traffic coaching programs, with out great results! So I can highly recommend to take a look at Traffic Generation 101!

Build a steady stream of traffic to your site NOW!!

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