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Here is some for you to think about?

There are no that much educated or lack of educated that can turn a worthless thing.
(ex: real estates business lands or company.) into a profitable thing. It’s all about
the knowledge you know.

Let us keep in mind the fact that it is through these simple illustrations of this use
of organized knowledge that one may become educated and powerful. In speaking of the
transaction here related. The college who sold the fifty acres of worthless land
for $500.00 said: ” Just think of it! That man whom most of us might call ignorant,
mixed his ignorance with fifty acres of worthless land and made the combination yield
more yearly than I earn from five years of application of so-called education.”
No person is “educated” who has not at least a “speaking acquaintance” with the law
of compensation, as it is described. by Emerson

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