Yes, I’m a well-paid middleman

Look, I have no illusions I know I’m just a
glorified well-paid middleman.

Here’s how it works –
During a typical week I present my glorified
semi guru persona to a bunch of tire-kickers.
Hoping that they will see the light and employ my suggested tools and resources.

Then, when the tire kickers yield to the
obvious benefits and logic of my offer,
I become a well-paid internet marketing middleman .

Ordinarily I would not share this information
with others, but I am a believer in the
concept of abundance – there’s enough for
all of us.

Of course not everyone is qualified to fill this role.
If you are interested in learning, I highly recommend
Clickbank University for the training you’ll need for
the long hall.

If you are not too proud to be a well-paid middleman
click the link and look at one example of income proof

See you next time
New Biz Compass

Proceed in an Orderly Fashion

Hi Friend,

Sounds like the warning you’d hear in a fire drill doesn’t it?
But is it even possible to do so? Especially if you are a new
internet marketer. Every thing is coming at you all at once.
Each message is finely crafted to change the direction you
had in mind.

Just view it as all just so much noise and stick to your game
plan. If you made getting a lot of traffic an early priority and
found some sound advice, then follow through with the suggested
techniques before you let your self be distracted by the latest
whirlygig tool.

The New Biz Compass offers a checklist to help anchor your early
planning in the right direction. You may find that traffic is just
one cog in the wheel.

There are many skills that contribute to success in internet marketing.
Please remember that the ability to maintain your focus is can
increase your online profit potential.

Good luck in your new endeavors

Re-introducting the Homebiz-hub


I’d be willing to bet that internet marketers share a lot of common traits. Like you, I have fallen victim to distraction from time to time. I think it is entirely understandable, what with the rapid changes in the industry and the multitude of choices we are faced with.

I have decided to slow the pace a tad, by concentrating my internet marketing efforts on an evergreen format with an emphasis on helping newbies get off to a good start. I believe the business -in-a-box approach will do just that. While the gurus seek to pull the wool over their heads with false complexity, the biz-N-box approach offers simplicity by  providing training videos and pdf ebooks to help new biz startups succeed.

So if you are just starting out, visit the Homebiz-hub, there you will find  how to get a free cheat sheet and mind map to help you view the big picture and stay focused on building residual income as opposed to chasing the lure of one-off sales commissions.

Best of luck in your online endeavors

Ron (aka Big Paulie)

Feeling overmatched, finding it hard to get noticed?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the challenge of getting your website products and services noticed? Indeed it can be an uphill climb to compete for organic website trafic against the big boys. You can really burn through a lot of hours and dollars only to come up way, way down the line.

Have you ever heard of the strategy of being a big fish in a little pond. Maybe it’s time to quit scoffing at it and reap the benefits this tactic has to offer.

Did you know that you can use to get your website displayed on the first line of search engine results in less than 60 seconds? I’m using it right now. It’s absolutely revolutionary. Check it out and grab a free account here:


Explode your clickbank sales with video squeeze pages

The more you can learn from watching the successful marketing gurus, the better off you will be with your own marketing campaigns. The advertising industry has already realized that online video advertising could more effectively leverage preselling and advertising campaigns. From being a relatively small segment of the total ad market a few years ago, online video ads have grown tremendously to become one of the top and most important ad segments. Many advertisers, marketers and companies recognize the need to launch their ad
campaigns through online video ads.

Another truism is to mine gold where others have found it. For example, Clickbank has a marketplace which highlights the top converting products. Thousands of entrepreneurs flock there everyday to decide where to focus their promotion energies. The fierce competition favors those with flashy graphic and video production capability. Others may attempt to compete by forging ahead with do-it-yourself determination, but the finished product is rarely comparable to that of the gurus. But wait, two marketersKen Walker and Dave Nayavich and a new service called “Killer Video Squeeze Pages.

This membership boasts a library of video squeeze pages developed for top coverting clickbank products. Thats right, all the top niches are covered so youi should be able to find what you need.  Ken is a video developed by trade and Dave a professional voiceover artist. Think you can rival their output on your own? Fuggettabout it, theres hosting here for your squeeze pages, tutorials, help with simple installation, an email autoresponder series as well as banners  per product. Yep, Ken truly believes in over delivering because you can become an affiliate and recruit others (which will eventually cover your costs), on top of that there is a 60 day gaurantee. I can’t stress this enough  – go here and get the details so you can really capitalize on clickbank and stop losing out to the technogeeks.

To your success


Are you fed up of mediocre internet income?

The Edmund Loh online Coaching Program is now live.

As mentioned in my previous post, if you are going to follow the recommendations of anyone with respect to internet marketing techniques, be smart and go with a proven entity. With the amount money you pour down the drain chasing the hollow advice of johnny come lately gurus you could be accessing the proven methods of a marketer with a stellar reputation.

Do yourself a big favor in 2011 sign up for the Edmund Loh internet business coaching program –

Here’s what Edmund Loh says you’ll get in his coaching Offer:

• 8 weekly intensive webinar sessions
• +1 Q&A webinar session
• Video replays to all webinars
• 6 months personal mentoring (Email & Skype)
• Supplementary resources to each webinar lessons
• BONUS #1: My Swipe File vault
• BONUS #2: My Private PLR/RR vault
• BONUS #3: Traffic Leopard digital study course
• BONUS #4: home study course on release
+PLUS 30 day 100% guarantee

Read that again, 8 weekly webinar sessions and 6 months

personal mentoring! Learn more here –

Some may offer you truckloads of un-needed bonuses to get you to buy through them. All that extra junk will just clutter your hard drive the Coaching needs no add-ons. If you want to cherry pick resources according to your needs not a pre-packaged bonus bag, go to THE NOCOST ZONE and get what you want  – free.


P.S. Want to help promote a product you’ll be proud of?  Click here to join the Edmund Loh Coaching Affiliate Program

Take Advantage of Edmund Lohs Free IM Coaching Video

Hi friends,
Recently, I have committed to narrowing the list of gurus I will follow to a smaller group that possess real credibility. One of them is Edmund Loh. Im sure you have heard of him. He has been a consistent six figure earner for a number of years and his Resale Rights Mastery program has been providing guidance to affiliates for years. Want the rights to market such in-demand titles as “Consulting for cash”. “Google Rank Analyzer”. “Affiliate Marketers 48 Hour Plan”
and much , much, more? Explore the niche of your choice here –


Watch this space for information about a big launch on March 10th, where Edmund will unveil a
blueprint that mirrors the same techniques that have brought him tremendous success.
Here is a free video which will be taken down shortly, but for now set aside some undisturbed time, get a paper and pencil for notes and soak up some of his knowledge for free

Theres really no excuse when you have access to so many helpful tools. In fact whether you are planinning on promoting products online or offline, you can find all the startup teseources here

There you can find a wide range of startup tools ranging from business marketing, business financing and business planning tools, plus other resources such as incorporation, accounting, software, even market and industry data sources – check it out, bookmark it, return, tweet it.

Best Wishes

P.S. Watch this space March 10th for details on the Edmund Loh Coaching Launch

Alert! – Cyber Monday Coupon gets you 50% off hosting

I just love the entreneural spirit. In fact, if you have visited any of the sites Ive featured (see below you will know there is nothing I like better than helping new startup firms. In this business environment Its important for small businesses not to be discouraged by promotion costs. Thats why I thought it was vitally important to make you aware of hosting packages with the prices cut in half!

In fact I missed informing you when they were originally available on Black Friday (boooo)  Okay, im making up for that now. Hostgator (among the top Hosting firms online) is offering 50% off all hosting packages on Monday starting at 12 am if you use this coupon code CYBERMONDAY2010 here’s the hotlink to use.

Be on it tomorrow, here’s a chance to lock in some real savings.

Here are those business startup tools I promised . These provide solutions whether your business is concentrated online or offline:

Protect you personal finances and get tax benefits when you incorporate your business:

Avoid underestimating startup costs – use this cost calculator:

Dont be a ship without a sail – use this Marketing Plan Software:

Yes, you can get business financing – use this search tool to find capital investors:

Good Luck, its never too early to which you musch success in 2011

Ron (mostlyrite)

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