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Re-introducting the Homebiz-hub


I’d be willing to bet that internet marketers share a lot of common traits. Like you, I have fallen victim to distraction from time to time. I think it is entirely understandable, what with the rapid changes in the industry and the multitude of choices we are faced with.

I have decided to slow the pace a tad, by concentrating my internet marketing efforts on an evergreen format with an emphasis on helping newbies get off to a good start. I believe the business -in-a-box approach will do just that. While the gurus seek to pull the wool over their heads with false complexity, the biz-N-box approach offers simplicity by  providing training videos and pdf ebooks to help new biz startups succeed.

So if you are just starting out, visit the Homebiz-hub, there you will find  how to get a free cheat sheet and mind map to help you view the big picture and stay focused on building residual income as opposed to chasing the lure of one-off sales commissions.

Best of luck in your online endeavors

Ron (aka Big Paulie)