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Yes, I’m a well-paid middleman

Look, I have no illusions I know I’m just a
glorified well-paid middleman.

Here’s how it works –
During a typical week I present my glorified
semi guru persona to a bunch of tire-kickers.
Hoping that they will see the light and employ my suggested tools and resources.

Then, when the tire kickers yield to the
obvious benefits and logic of my offer,
I become a well-paid internet marketing middleman .

Ordinarily I would not share this information
with others, but I am a believer in the
concept of abundance – there’s enough for
all of us.

Of course not everyone is qualified to fill this role.
If you are interested in learning, I highly recommend
Clickbank University for the training you’ll need for
the long hall.

If you are not too proud to be a well-paid middleman
click the link and look at one example of income proof

See you next time
New Biz Compass

Proceed in an Orderly Fashion

Hi Friend,

Sounds like the warning you’d hear in a fire drill doesn’t it?
But is it even possible to do so? Especially if you are a new
internet marketer. Every thing is coming at you all at once.
Each message is finely crafted to change the direction you
had in mind.

Just view it as all just so much noise and stick to your game
plan. If you made getting a lot of traffic an early priority and
found some sound advice, then follow through with the suggested
techniques before you let your self be distracted by the latest
whirlygig tool.

The New Biz Compass offers a checklist to help anchor your early
planning in the right direction. You may find that traffic is just
one cog in the wheel.

There are many skills that contribute to success in internet marketing.
Please remember that the ability to maintain your focus is can
increase your online profit potential.

Good luck in your new endeavors