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Yes, I’m a well-paid middleman

Look, I have no illusions I know I’m just a
glorified well-paid middleman.

Here’s how it works –
During a typical week I present my glorified
semi guru persona to a bunch of tire-kickers.
Hoping that they will see the light and employ my suggested tools and resources.

Then, when the tire kickers yield to the
obvious benefits and logic of my offer,
I become a well-paid internet marketing middleman .

Ordinarily I would not share this information
with others, but I am a believer in the
concept of abundance – there’s enough for
all of us.

Of course not everyone is qualified to fill this role.
If you are interested in learning, I highly recommend
Clickbank University for the training you’ll need for
the long hall.

If you are not too proud to be a well-paid middleman
click the link and look at one example of income proof

See you next time
New Biz Compass