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Nifty Blog Tips

nevdin returns

After a break of a couple of months I have returned to check out what is happening at Viral Networks and her at iblog.at.

And it seems that there’s not a lot of change.

I have just had to delete 76 spam comments!

The few blogs that I have read still have to deal with a small number of themes to choose from, and many of them just use the basic theme. Visit an earlier post in this blog to see how to change your theme.

The forums (or should that be fora) appear to be reasonably active, with many familiar names featuring as contributors.

In the next few posts I hope to outline what I have been doing, and what I have stopped, over the time when I have away from here.

Become a Blogger Premium About To Re-Open

The Become a Blogger Premium program is about to reopen for a short time.

This very successful program is full of great videos that take you through the steps needed to get a great blog off the ground.

To introduce you to the program you can view the first 10 videos, which on their own form a great base to start from.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the re-launch of the program.

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FREE: Discover The Time Tested And Proven Roadmap To Blogging Success…

New Video At Nifty Blogging

A new video (silent again) has been added at Nifty Blogging.

There are also a few things that you can do at Nifty Blogging like signing up for the Nifty Blogging Newsletter, finding out about the Begin Blogging 101 course and subscribing to the RSS feed.

I will be using the blog at Nifty Blogging to share Tech Tips for bloggers, and this blog will basically point to the new content as it it added.

Latest Posts at Nifty Blogging

Nifty Blog Tips Blog Has Moved

A few days ago I posted that this blog was about to be closed.

I went through the process of deleting the blog, and the final step was to respond to an email to confirm that I wanted to delete the blog.

That email has not yet arrived, so I thought I would remind everyone that the Nifty Blogging site has taken over from Nifty Blog Tips.

website design

2 Hours To Go.

Just 1 more post to this blog before it closes and gets transferred to Nifty Blogging.

Almost as soon as this post is published it will be out of date.

Time is running out to get into Membership Site Masterplan. Don’t miss out.

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This Blog Is Closing

This will be the last post to this blog. It is being moved to my self-hosted blog, (with the same name), where I can have more control over how the blog is set up and managed. I mentioned some time ago that I would be doing that, and now the time has come to do that.

Over the past few days I have continued to have to deal with spam, and since the team at VN have not seen installed a spam comment filter, that is one of the reasons for closing the site down.

You can find most of the posts from here at the new blog.

In the next couple of days it will also be your last chance to get into the Membership Site Mastermind course. That will be closing its doors on Monday 11th May at midnight, so get the free report and check it out quickly.

There are also a couple of videos you can watch that will show you the power of making money with a membership site. Why not join me there?

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Thanks to the readers and commenters (the real ones- not the spammers) and don’t forget that you can catch up with Nifty Blog Tips at my other blog.

Membership Site Masterplan Is Open

….but for just a short time.

Doors close on the 11th May, and may not open again for 6 months or more.

Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

To get all of the information that you need to manage a membership site that can make $100,000 a year checkout the Free eBook that introduces you to the processes and tools that you need.

You will be surprised by the simplicity of the program that is presented in video, audio and text, with opportunities for direct coaching via regular tele-conferences and through the forum that is for members only. Included in the program, that is presented over 6 weeks, but you can complete at your own pace, is a series of action steps that will help you complete the tasks for each unit.

The introductory eBook has so much in it that you may even be able to use that to start your own successful membership site.

May The Fourth Be With You

Apologies to all Star Wars fans. I just couldn’t resist the temptation.

And while you are here, have you checked out and got your free copy of the Membership Site Masterplan introductory eBook?

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How To Run A Membership Site

I have now listened to the audio presentation of Yaro Starak’s Membership Site Masterplan, and it is full of information. I still have to read the whole eBook, but I know what’s in it because the audio is basically a reading of the content of the eBook. The eBook also has links to lots of resources that can be used for establishing and managing a Membership site, so I’ll be checking some of them out.

That is typical of the way that Yaro presents his material, which allows people to use their preferred method of getting the information. I believe, if I heard correctly, that his Membership Site Masterplan course will be presented in Video, Audio and Written forms, broken down into manageable chunks. And that material will delivered over a 6 week period, but the students doing the course can use their own timetable for implementation of the ideas.

Yaro has given away so much in this Free eBook and Audio that someone who hasn’t experienced his work would have to wonder if there is any more information that he could share with you. Believe me, there will be lots more that is included in course, because that’s been my experience while doing his Blog Mastermind course.

The course starts in a few days, and will be open for 1 week only, so you will need to get in quick to take advantage of the course during its first run.

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