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What is Portrait Drawing

Since the beginning of time people have drawn portraits. A portrait is a picture or an image representing a person in which the individual is in the same position. Usually the aim of a portrait is to show the moods, likeness, and nature of an individual. The portrait usually displays the individual looking directly to the portraitist so as to connect the main subject with the viewer. Portrait drawing is the visual art that includes several drawing instruments. Such instruments include things like pencils and erasers.

When an artist does one’s own portrait it is usually known as s a self-portrait. Portraits are used in several areas, for example:


When it comes to politics the presidential portrait is usually used as a symbol of that nation. Mostly, these presidential portraits are usually put in governmental buildings. This is usually a common tradition to most countries.



In literature, the word portrait means written analysis or description of an object or an individual. It usually gives a deep understanding and investigation that is beyond the general outlook of its impression. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of portrait drawings.

Use Your Own Photos.

When it comes to portrait drawing the artist can decide to work with one’s own photos. This is important hence it is fun and simple to work with things that are familiar with one.

Improving Ones Talent

Drawing is a talent though some individuals actually learn how to draw and they end up becoming experts. Frequency in drawing portraits helps one improve their drawing skills and this will always keep them busy doing something they like.

Source Of Income

Some of the artists earn their living through drawing of portraits by selling those portraits and making good money.

House Decoration

Some of the portraits that artists draw are usually for fun and they end up decorating their houses. Some may also decide to give the portraits out as presents to their loved ones.

Disadvantages of Portrait Drawing

Each and every thing that has an advantage also has a disadvantage. Some of the disadvantages or challenges found in portrait drawing include:

Difficult To Draw

This applies in most cases to people who are learning how to draw. Drawing is not an easy task and requires a lot of passion and concentration.

Lack of Interest

A lot of people are usually not interested with portrait work. This makes it difficult to the artist and at times they may end up giving up on their passions and careers. This happens mainly where the artist is fully depending on the portrait drawing for income.