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Ankle Sprain Diagnosis, Misdiagnosis, and Prognosis

Ankle sprains are common injuries that affect everyone from all walks of life, no matter how active they are. They are mostly caused by an awkward distribution of body weight on one ankle thus causing the ankle to suffer torn or overstretched ligaments. Sprained ankles need a correct diagnosis before the patient can be put on ankle rehab or any kind of treatment. When one injures their ankle, they should immediately seek a medical practitioner for proper diagnosis and prognosis.

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Ankle Sprain Diagnosis

Immediately after one injures their ankle, they should quickly have it check by a qualified medical practitioner, preferably a podiatric surgeon. The most common steps taken would be to first conduct a physical exam of the injured ankle. The physical exam should reveal whether there are any fractures or other serious injuries that need immediate specialized attention.

During diagnosis, the doctor will also check that the arteries and nerves have suffered no apparent damage and the knee together with the rest of the leg is also not damaged. The doctor will most likely move the ankle around to try and determine if there is any damage to any bones. Of special concern, the Achilles tendon should be checked for rapture. The best way to detect or confirm a fracture is by conducting an x-ray exam though the doctor may also recommend a CT scan for some kinds of suspected fractures.

Ankle Sprain Misdiagnosis

Though ankle sprains are a common type of injury, they are quite often misdiagnosed, sometimes even by qualified medical qualified. One of the major reasons why this frequently happens is due to the similar nature of the two most common types of ankle sprain which are lateral ankle sprains and high ankle sprains. These two types of ankle sprains look very much alike and share the same symptoms but they affect totally different ligaments.

The 2013 Annual Scientific Conference by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons will be discussing different kinds of misdiagnoses and the effects which include delayed or improper treatment. Both types of sprains affect the lower ankle and share the symptoms of swelling, limited motion, instability, bruising, and pain. The difference lies in the types of ligaments affected.

Ankle Sprain Prognosis

Though sprained ankles are a fairly common type of injury, they are actually fairly easy to heal if the right methods are used. For instance, using the H.E.M. healing program and ankle rehab is likely to ensure quick healing devoid of complications or long term effects. When sprained ankles take too long to heal, it may means there are severe ligament tears, and at times, these may require surgical procedures though that is a rare occurrence. Tendon tears may also be noticed and that may also require surgery. Recovery times depend on the grade of injury and the type of ankle rehab employed for the treatment of the sprained ankle