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Memories of Bali Island

a0f198684bf0878b0231d4f0e87a31c3Call it paradise, the Island of God, Heaven Island, or whichever name that fits your description of Bali Island, one thing is for sure that Bali Island gives any tourist who has been there memories that will forever remain etched in their mind, from the beautiful Bali Villas, the exotic nature, the friendly people, the dense jungle, and the deep blue sea.


Bali Island is one of the smallest islands in the world yet the most exotic, extraordinary and memorable island in the whole of Indonesia and the world at large. It has the most fascinating scenery and rich culture. Bali Island may be small but a simple visit there would be equally rewarding. Tourists can enjoy the sandy beaches, rugged coastline, and the rich culture of the Balinese.


Not everyone likes to keep a journal but a visit to the Bali Island would give you one perfect reason to start keeping one. This little yet beautiful island has a lot of memories to write about. Beautiful places to visit and many activities to do while on holiday there. It gives you the desire to go back there every single day whenever a holiday comes calling. Some of the places you can visit while in Bali Island that will give you the memories to keep forever include:

8f2fd19dfe87cac7f27f5a6544a197f91. The Bali Art Centre

Bali Island has an exotic art centre that showcases the art, culture and tradition of the people of the Bali Island. They showcase cultural dances, creative arts, and also the way of living of the Balinese to both locals and tourists. Through this art centre, the tourist get to know the way of live of the Balinese in a nutshell.

2. Celuk Village

Celuk Village is a very famous village in Bali Island that many tourists like to visit while in Bali Island. It is full of innovations especially crafting. It is located on the countryside and is known for its gold and silver ware crafting. These wares have penetrated the local market and gone beyond borders both to national and international markets. While in Celuk Village, a tourist can have fun trying his hand at crafting.


3. Kuta Beach Bali Island

Kuta Beach is by far the most popular beach in Bali Island that attracts people of all ages and nationalities. Kuta Beach has a protected coral reef meaning it is safe for surfing and deep sea diving. For the beach lovers, make sure you visit this beach to get the unmatched experience of the beach life.


4. Besakih Temple

Pura besakih latar gunung angungFor the tourists who would wish to have a taste of the religion of the Balinese, BesakihTemple is the place to be. It is one of the largest and most impressive temples in Bali Island. This temple is a symbol of religious unity as once in a while all the Balinese come to worship in this temple. Even though it has existed for a long time, it still looks spectacular!