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Popularity of the Job of Hairdressers in 2013

Hairdressers Croydon are professionals who provide a wide array of hair services, ranging from cutting and styling hair, to shampooing, coloring and treating it. Apart from that, they keep records of the services offered and products used by their customers. With an arsenal of beautification tools, such as scisssors, hairbrushes, curling irons and blow dryers under their belts, they offer the best advice regarding the proper caring of the client’s tresses while at home.

Because of the need for hairstyling services, the popularity and outlook of this profession is deemed to improve, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. After all, the trend is deemed to continue from 2013 to the next years to come. Add to that, the hairstylists who will move, retire or change their occupations will require replacements.



Because of these factors, employment for hairdressers Croydon is expected to increase by as much as 16%. With as much as 627,000 employed in the year 2010, the openings are seen to increase to 726,100 by the year 2020.


The hourly wages of hairdressers range from £5.35 to as much as £13.35, depending on the individual’s experience. 10% of the With these figures, the annual salary can range from as much as  £11,800 to £27,700.

Hiring Industries

There are five main industries that hire hairdressers Croydon. The one which hires the most is the sector of personal care services, which accounts for 52% of the total industry employment. The hourly wage of those employed by this sector usually starts at £8.50.

Coming in second is the department store sector, which hires 1.52% of total hairstylists in Croydon. Health and Personal care stores hire 0.48% of the profession, while nursing care facilities take in 0.09% of hairdressers in the area. Other general merchandise stores, on the other hand, take 0.07% of the total hairstylists for employment.

Top-paying Industries

If you want to earn higher than other hairdressers Croydon, then here are the industries you need to infiltrate:

Motion Picture and Video Industry. The hourly mean wage for this sector starts at £22.5, which corresponds to an annual salary of as much as £46,000.

Professional, Scientific and Technical Service Industry. The hourly wage for this sector begins at £11.50, which equates to a yearly salary of as much as £24,000.

Physician Offices. Hairdressers from this industry can take home as much as £23,000 a year or £11 an hour.

Death Care Services. Despite its grim side, hairstylists in this industry can earn as much as £22,700 a year or £11 an hour.

Amusement and Recreation Industry. This sector can help you earn as much as £22,000 a year or £10.50 an hour.