The Rainbow Currency is different – instead of creating an energy-wasting, centralized “mining” industry, we give free money to all our members for easy-to-fulfill everyday activities.

On top of that, we are running 3 different airdrop campaigns to reach out to our different target groups: consumers, businesses, and artists.

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Play free online game within SafeZone open network to get opportunity to win up to 10,000 Twinkles worth $2,060

For those who play games, play Snow Glow free game and get opportunity to win 10,000 Twinkles for the player with top scores or 500 Twinkles for the 10 winners chosen randomly.

Twinkle is the small denomination of Rainbow Currency which is official cryptocurrency for SafeZone open network of internet users, businesses and artists.

The current market value of Twinkles which are now traded at is 0.206. This means if you win a reward of 500 Twinkles, they will be worth $103.

The value of Twinkle is likely to be not less than $100 by the end of 2018 due to expected growth of Twinkle users (internet users, businesses accepting Twinkles and Artists) within SafeZone. This means your 500 Twinkles are likely to be worth at least $103,000 if you will keep them till the end of 2018.

To play the game, login to SafeZone if you are already a member of Unicorn Network and click on the hexagon named WIN 10,000 TWINKLES.

If you are not yet a member of Unicorn Network, join through Raibow Currency free Twinkles airdrop campaign the details of which you will get here.

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Do you know that Rainbow Currency is the only cryptocurrency out there with potentials to create most millionaires by the end of 2018?

Do you know that Rainbow Currency is the only cryptocurrency out there with potentials to create the most millionaires by the end of 2018?

You have equal opportunity to be one of them if you will start right now to exploit the opportunity of getting free Twinkles that will give you that ticket to be in the Rainbow Currency Millionaires List.

Rainbow Currency, the global convenient household currency for shopping instantly, both online and offline, with no transaction fees, is powered by the SafeZone open network of online and offline quality businesses worldwide. Rainbow Currency is the first cryptocurrency to be incorporated by a non-profit organisation, the Rainbow Foundation, which has been formed by more than 3,000 co-founders ranging from 157 different countries who, combined, have purchased more than 30 billion Twinkles (the term used for Rainbow Currency coins).

For the first time in cryptocurrency’s nascent history, Rainbow Currency will introduce cryptocurrencies to the rest of the 99.8% population of the world who do not use cryptocurrencies, and therefore, becomes the first cryptocurrency to go mainstream as a result of the global economic backup that Rainbow Currency through its global open network of quality businesses, is hosting in the SafeZone.

Thanks to a unique 2-wallet solution, Rainbow Currency is always fully transparent, decentralised, and safe in the blockchain, while everyday payments for shopping and services can be made online and at Point of Sales (POS) quickly, securely, privately, and without fees.

Rainbow Currency is designed to discourage the ‘bad guys’ out there from trading and shopping in Rainbow Currency since you need to identify yourself formally before you can start spending it through POS.

Rainbow Currency has three denominations – a Rainbow which comprises 1,000 Glitters, a Glitter which comprises 1,000 Twinkles, and a Twinkle which is the lowest denomination in the Rainbow Currency and the coin which trades in the open market.

There are only 100 billion Twinkles in total and this number is fixed; it will not be increased, ever. This means, that as more users worldwide use Rainbow Currency as a mode of payment, the demand for Rainbow Currency will almost certainly rise while the supply remains fixed. These two market forces should result in an increase in the value of the price of Twinkles.

The SafeZone is a subsidiary company of Unicorn Network based in Las Vegas, USA, which was formed in 2011 with more than 4,000 founding members spread across the globe. Currently, Unicorn Network has more than 30 subsidiary companies within its network conducting both online and offline businesses, either worldwide, or to specific locations. These subsidiary companies are single entities within the SafeZone. Unicorn Network also works together with other outside companies not part of its network family, but which have been recommended by our worldwide members and have opted to join the open network after being approached by the SafeZone sales and marketing people, or the Company itself, to promote their recommended businesses in the SafeZone ecosystem.

Only quality businesses recommended by Unicorn Network’s free members (which are now in their millions and growing every day) are approved to join the SafeZone for the purposes of promoting and selling their products/services to the SafeZone users. Those businesses must observe security, privacy and quality standards required by the SafeZone and be prepared to sign an agreement stating that consumers may pay using Rainbow Currency. As a drawcard, the first million businesses to join the SafeZone will each be rewarded with a sizeable package of 5,000 Twinkle coins! 5 billion Twinkles have been reserved for this bonus.

It is called the SafeZone because all businesses that join our open network with their business websites must have their websites scanned daily by the SafeZone. This is necessary to ensure that there are no viruses, malware, hackers and other malicious or fraudulent codes hosted in their websites, thereby, protecting our Safe Zone users. As well, this will prevent the businesses themselves from being attacked by these malicious or fraudulent codes if embedded in their websites.

The businesses hosted in the SafeZone are increasing daily and they are able to advertise and sell their products/services to the Unicorn Network member base. This is due to the unique and lucrative SafeZone affiliate business model created by We Share Success Inc., another subsidiary company of Unicorn Network through which members are paid in the following ways:

25% (platform fees) = passive commissions with no obligation to buy or sell anything to obtain those passive commissions when your direct invitees buy products/services within the Safe Zone;

10% = passive commissions your indirect invitees receive to 5 generations deep;

25% = active commissions when you sell SafeZone products/services using your personal invitation links;

10% = active commissions your indirect invitees receive to 5 generations deep;

10% = passive commissions for life when the businesses you were the first to recommend in the SafeZone, purchase SafeZone services;

10% = passive commissions of business recommendation commissions received by your invitees to 5 generations deep;

10% = passive commissions for life of the income received by the SafeZone sales and marketing people whom you have directly invited to join the SafeZone; 10% = passive SafeZone sales and marketing people commissions received by your invitees to 5 generations deep;

10% = Happy Health income received for life by doctors whom you directly invited into the SafeZone to partner with Happy Health Inc. to provide their services in their local areas;

10% = Happy Health passive income received by your invitees to 5 generations deep. Get up to $1 million commission from Safe Zone Global Success Pool if you will be among the top 100 members to earn more family bonuses 5 generations deep. Get paid commission from Safe Zone Personal Success Pool where members with commission earned from $1,000 will be rewarded with gifts or cash worth from $100 up to $1 million.

In addition to the passive and active commissions described above, you can earn rewards based on your own activities within the SafeZone, which include:

Mining of Twinkles each day you login and surf the SafeZone. 30 billion Twinkles have been allocated for this type of reward, which will be based on Proof of Activity within the SafeZone. Those who mine these free Twinkles earlier, will collect more of them since the quantity of Twinkles given out per activity will be reduced progressively as the value of the Twinkle increases;

Collecting Deal Points which will enable you to enjoy free shopping from the Free Shopping Club within the SafeZone.

In addition to all the above rewards and payments, the following will also be offered during the coming Twinkle Airdrop Campaign:

3 airdrop campaigns to attract new members, businesses that accept Twinkles and Artists to join the SafeZone will begin any time from now which will be promoted until the end of 2018.

1, New Internet User Members:

Following the first 3 months after signup, new Internet user members can collect up to 100 welcome-bonus Twinkles, or depending on the value of the Twinkle, a quantity of Twinkles to the value of US$10, for example, by the time this Article was written, the Twinkle was selling for $0.01, therefore 100 Twinkles = $10, however, when the Twinkle trades at a higher price such as $0.20, the number of Twinkles will decline to the value of $10 (50 Twinkles). This is an amazing offer as there is no hidden agenda – Free Twinkles offered to join for Free Membership, and participation in Free activities to earn your Free Twinkles, but it doesn’t stop there; every member, new or existing, has the opportunity to collect many more extra Free Twinkles from many exciting Free activities – no money need ever come out of your pocket to earn a substantial amount of Twinkles; NO other company anywhere offers such a ‘DEAL’ to ALL its members! 10 billion Twinkle coins have been reserved for this airdrop campaign.

2, New Business Partners:

New business partners who qualify, will receive a welcome-bonus package of 5,000 Twinkles each, that will be distributed in installments over 12 months from joining the SafeZone. The only condition that an approved business needs to do to collect this very generous welcome-bonus package of 5,000 coins, is to SIGN a form to CONFIRM that they will agree to ACCEPT Rainbow Currency, in the form of Twinkles, as a method of payment for their products and services. 5 billion Twinkle coins have been reserved for this airdrop campaign.

3, New Artists:

For the first time in the history of the Internet, the SafeZone is providing a permanent, private, safe and secure platform for artists of all mediums to showcase their talents – and at the same time, be REWARDED!

Artists, such as: singers, song writers, dancers, musical instrumentalists, magicians, comedians, poets, news/article/travel/creative writers, video creators, to name a few, can submit their works and be rewarded with up to 1,000 welcome-bonus Twinkles depending on their content amount and the quality of their creative contributions.

Rarely are artists rewarded for their efforts when showcasing their talents or skills on the Internet – not so with the SafeZone. The goal of the SafeZone is to attract up to at least 500,000 artists and reward them, not just with the welcome-bonus Twinkles, but also with extra ones depending on their content output and how it appeals to or is rated by an online audience.

With the introduction of Rainbow Currency, members will now receive an extra exclusive discount of up to 30% when they buy products/services in the SafeZone using their Twinkles instead of paying using other currencies.

After the highly successful Rainbow Currency ICO, Twinkles commenced trading its first coin on the cryptocoinstreet (CCS) exchange on Friday, Dec 1, 2017 at the price of US$0.01 per Twinkle coin.

Rainbow Currency is showing all the hallmarks of becoming the cryptocurrency of the future, the people’s ‘everyday money, that everyone has been waiting for. Much of Rainbow Currency’s strength and stimulation in growth is due to the increasing numbers of currency users (individuals and recommended businesses and artists) joining the SafeZone’s open network free of charge, where all members have the opportunity to make considerable money (Twinkles) without any capital required, while knowing at the same time, that their safety, security and privacy is completely protected at all times within the SafeZone. The SafeZone is the ideal location for everyone, no matter their socio-economic background, or which country they reside in, because, not only is it free to join for individuals, new businesses and artists, and where they can earn Twinkles at no out-of-pocket expenses, but also, because the SafeZone network is unreservedly all about protecting their members’ safety, security and privacy. I challenge anyone to be able to find me another Network where my cryptocurrency and personal information will be so well protected and secure!

One of the two wallets, the private PerNum wallet, Rainbow Currency users are issued with is housed in the SafeZone, therefore, it will be virtually impossible for your Rainbow Currency to be manipulated because of the SafeZone’s formidable and very powerful security system.

Your other public wallet will be housed in This public wallet will be used for trading and for transferring Twinkle coins to other people’s public wallets.

Imagine this scenario – the current users of Bitcoin are less than 17 million trading their Bitcoins on the market right now. The extraordinary fact is, that these relatively low-in-number Bitcoin users have generated a massive rise in the Bitcoin from the minuscule start-off price of only $0.0001 when they first traded back in 2009, to today’s current market price of over $16,000 – sounds like a fairytale story, but it’s completely true! This same fairytale could realistically happen, in fact, even more so, to Rainbow Currency users. Why do I say this? Because we are in the enviable position of belonging to a company, the SafeZone, that has the potential to attract hundreds of millions of users, if not billions, within a very short time due to the range of ‘healthy quality carrots’ the SafeZone is offering all its Rainbow Currency members as delineated above. As also discussed above, because of the SafeZone’s global ecosystem which requires high work-ethical standards, only quality businesses, both online and offline, are invited to join the SafeZone.

So Rainbow Currency is starting off in a very good place, compared to where Bitcoin started off in 2009, which is a very attractive proposition to people wanting to use cryptocurrencies as exchange of value as well as using the cryptocurrencies for the purpose of investing, trading and storing of value. With all this in mind, imagine what the price of a single Twinkle coin could become once the SafeZone’s membership reaches hundreds of millions, even just millions….!!!

For those who missed out on Rainbow Currency’s hugely successful ICO, there is still a great opportunity to purchase Twinkles at

Just one small $10 purchase @$0.01 will give you 1,000 Twinkle coins, which means, that when the Twinkle price reaches only 15% of the current Bitcoin price, your small $10 investment will make you a millionaire! The hard work, thanks to Bitcoin, has virtually been done – cryptocurrency is now the current monetary super trend that everybody is talking about, in fact, the experts are saying, it could have the same life-changing impact the Internet had on our lives when it was first introduced to the world; Rainbow Currency, in just a few short weeks, has sold over 34 billion Twinkle coins to over 7,000 holders who are spread across 170 countries…momentum is taking off like a rocket…where to tomorrow???

Think about these 6 questions comparing Rainbow Currency to Bitcoin, Ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies out there on the open market:

DO Bitcoin, Ethereum and all the other cryptocurrencies out there on the open market, offer a safe zone to their users that is free from viruses, hackers, malware and other malicious and fraudulent codes so that their users’ wallets are fully protected at all times from the greedy and bad manipulators lurking around?

DO they offer their users opportunity to make both active and passive affiliate commissions when their cryptocurrencies are used?

DO they have a ready-made network of quality business partners who sell their products/services using their safe zone company’s own currency from a shopping platform that is free of fees, safe, secure and private, free from any personal information being gathered, stored or shared?

DO they offer artists of all descriptions – writers, singers, dancers, video creators to name a few, a safe, private and protected place to showcase their talents and skills, for which they can also be rewarded with free crypto coins at no personal cost?

DO they supervise their currencies within a non-profit organisation that is run by the people for the people, where the board of directors represents all inhabited continents of the world voted for by the people?

DO they reward their holders for a host of simple fun activities with a plentiful supply of free bonus crypto coins offered for active, and passive, participation?

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO is the response to all 5 questions.

AND Rainbow Currency’s response to all 6 questions?

YES, YES, YES, YES, YES…and lots more!!!!

So think about why purchasing Rainbow Currency this very minute is a clear-cut must-buy…it has all the right ingredients to trigger a massive success!

BUT, time and speed are of the essence – if you missed the ICO boat, it’s not too late…act now and fast, purchase Rainbow Currency at the very low price of just $0.01 (one cent OR MORE) per Twinkle coin – don’t live to regret not climbing aboard the Rainbow Currency gravy train as it sets out on its upward and onward skyward journey!


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