Buy in advance groundbreaking solar tecknology that is 3.8X more efficient than the existing solar panels by participating in its crowdfunding

A groundbreaking solar system which is 3.8 times more efficient than existing solar panels is in the making by German Engineers. It is 100% clean, renewable energy that has potentials to meet all global electricity needs by using just a tiny part of total available solar energy per annum and hence save the planet from global warming while at the same time reducing the electricity costs for at least 50%.

The project started by German Engineers back in 2009. The game-changer technology was patented in 2014 and scientifically approved by Germany Tech University in 2015.

Now the solar system is ready to be developed and after certification, mass produced.

The company goal is to deliver the solar system ready for use starting from January 1st 2022.

Now the company started a global crowdfunding campaign to raise the capital needed to develop the invented solar system.

You can participate in sharing a cake of this company by purchasing their solar electricity tokens which has a value of 100 KW of electricity per token. You can pay by Twinkle, BTC, Ether and many other cryptos as well as with Perfect Money and Credit Card. You will get huge discount if you will buy with Twinkle during this pre-crowdfunding phase you get a discount of 82% of the value of the token and because the exchange rate of Twinkle to solar token is kept at $0.01 per Twinkle while you can buy Twinkle at cheaper price of $0.0003 as I write this post here. That means your $1 worth of Twinkles bought will give you 3,333 Twinkles which will enable you to purchase almost 30 tokens which are worth 3000 KWs of solar energy.

The maximum number of these tokens is 50 million.

The tokens which have market value of from $10 to $40 depending on where you live will be sold at a rate of $1 per token during phase 1. After phase 1 is over, the price will rise by $0.1 per token each month starting from June 1st 2018 until it reaches a price of $5 per token, means a price of $0.05 per KW which will cut current electricity cost at least by a half.

You can now get a 10% discount if you will buy the tokens during this two week period of pre-crowdfunding phase.

There is affiliate program that will pay you up to 8% commission plus family bonus 5 generations deep. Commissions are paid in USD for all orders that are paid in fiat currencies and in Twinkle for all orders that are paid in cryptocurrencies (Twinkle, Bitcoin, Ether)

There will be a market place where you can sell your solar electricity tokens if you wish instead of consuming electricity itself and you can sell your tokens before the solar product is delivered to the public. The market place will open in October 2018.

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