New Team Build System – Would you pay $1.65 for a Life-Time Business???

Seems like everywhere you turn, people are making m0ney online today.
They all make it look so easy. However, when you try to do the same thing, you
only e.arn a few pennies or nothing…It’s frustrating! You’d love it if you could make
only $100 per day (more is always good, though…). You just don’t know how…and
don’t know who to ask for help!

Help is finally here!

This is a real WINNER!

I’m going to show you a new system called: “THE POWER OF NINE”

You will be blown away on how fast this system can take you to a $30,000 in a short amount of
time. Our Team build system is unlike any other. You can explode your team if you want using a PIF
system which works very well with the Power Of Nine system should you decide to use it.


$1.65 One-Time

Who can’t afford it? NOBODY


E.arn Over $1M again and again. Personal
follow your sponsor matr1x (Not company).

C0mpensation plan

TEAM FORCED MATRIX (Follow your sponsor)

Phase One

Level 1 Bronze Fee $1.65  3 x $1 = $3  Automatically cycles you to Level 2

After sponsoring three people you can upgrade into Phase Two any time you want to or wait until you cycle through Phase One and you will automatically be placed into Phase Two!
Level 2 Silver   Fee $3.00   9 x $3 = $27 — Keep $7    $20 cycles you to Level 3

Level 3 Gold    Fee $20     27 x $20 = $540 — Keep $390 – $150 cycles to Level 4

Level 4 Ruby   Fee $150   81 x $150 = $12,150 — Keep $10,000 ($1.65 cycles you back into Phase One.  $165 cycles you to Phase Two)

Phase Two (Follow the next person that joined Phase Two)


Level 1 Sapphire  Fee $165  3 x $100 = $300 Automatically Cycles you to Level 2

Level 2 
Emerald Fee $300   9 x $300 = $2,700 – Keep $700 – $2000 Cycles you to Level 3

Level 3 
Diamond  Fee $2,000  27 x $2,000 = $54,000 – Keep $24,000 – $30,000 Cycles to level 4

Level 4 
Millionaire Club Fee $30,000 81 x $30,000 = $2,430,000!
***Founder’s receive their same bonuses, millionaire member gets $1,000,000 +car ($80,000) + 10 positions in levels 2,3, 4 (Phase One) and 10 positions in levels 1, 2 (Phase Two). We support our mission to serve humanity!

***Pro Members can purchase Phase Two’s $165 level but must be Phase One members first and have sponsored three people into Phase One. 

IF you like what you see, sign-up here

Our Team Leader and Coach Richard Trotter will send you complete instructions on what to do to be part of the “Power of Nine System” .

Come Join Us and be glad you did! You have nothing to lose!

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