Things too hard to swallow.

Of course a rake or a shovel would qualify. So would a big fat whopper from either Burger King or a congressional politician; at least in one bite!

The most critical thing to become too hard for society to swallow lately is our nation’s educational output. The nation’s high school graduation classes are down to 50% of freshmen class size or less in many parts of the country. Our children are rejecting the nation’s traditional educational content, relevance to life, and overall truthfulness.

Of the three above, the truth is probably the most critical quality to a good education. As the old computer axiom says, “garbage in = garbage out”. Unless they are taught the right stuff our kids don’t stand a chance at competing for the best jobs in the world, and they are aware of it. With access to up-to-date information at unparalleled levels all across the globe, it is no longer possible to research world events without being exposed to all points of views. Dogma wrapped around centuries old, incorrect information can no longer stand the scrutiny of today’s forensic lenses and eyeballs everywhere.

Our educational system, based as it is in most parts of our country on religious dogma, is simply false, or at best at least misleading. The damage the Bush administration caused by insisting that, for example, the Grand Canyon according to the creation theory was placed there by God less than 10,000 years ago, has troubled every student touring the Park who has the slightest grasp of recent math and science developments. We just can’t ignore science in favor of voodoo or superstition and ignorance any longer.

Nation, we need to fix our educational system before every third world nation passes us by over the next couple of decades. World knowledge shifts around the globe to more productive areas just like capital and manpower. Those nations unburdened with national policies tied to false prophets and backward thinking leaders will prosper like none before. The longer we cling to dumb ideals based on false pretenses the steeper our decline will become among the world’s nations.

To realize that Cuba has a better healthcare system than America simply because we are wasting the nation’s resources is hard to swallow. Instead of blowing up countries like Iraq and Afghanistan we could be building roads and bridges and infrastructure for them and ourselves. Three trillion dollars and thousands of lives have been wasted on a lie. This fact is a national blemish that will never go away, is inexcusable, and should not be tolerated. Trillions of dollars of home equity and life savings were wasted over the last five years by unscrupulous bankers while these same bankers made themselves billions.

Clearly we are now too stupid to prevent our own slaughter and harvest. One thing is for sure; God will not help us. God, if he cares, would not side with the world’s butchers in the slaughter of the world’s lambs and sheep people. comments disabled due to abuse

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